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Meritor MTA Tec6 23T Meritor

Meritor unveils lightweight suspension for tankers, flatbeds

Meritor recently introduced its MTA-Tec6 suspension, which the company says is the market’s lightest trailer suspension, offering up to 23,000-pound capacity for tankers, flatbeds and other demanding vocational applications. 

“We built the MTA-Tec6 suspension to deliver next-generation productivity from Meritor’s proven MTA suspension family,” said Dave Pritchard, Meritor’s general manager for trailers.

The standard, fully dressed top mount offers up to 39 pounds of weight savings, and the fully dressed low mount is up to 53 pounds lighter, compared with competitive suspensions. The new lightweight suspension is built with Meritor’s 6-inch-diameter MTec6 axle—the industry’s lightest trailer axle, according to Meritor.

The advanced design of the MTec6 axle offers 21% increased stiffness to deliver better tire-to-road contact, and an average 40-pound weight savings compared with traditional 5-inch axles, the company maintained.

MTA Tec6 23L

Meritor recently previewed the new MTA Tec6 23L suspension, and highlighted its weight savings vs competitors, during a Meritor/PSI event in San Antonio.

The suspension’s plug-and-play design is interchangeable with other trailing arm air ride suspensions and fits within the narrow hanger footprint of current trailer configurations to offer easy installation. Meritor’s proprietary bolt-on cam bushing design allows for camshaft service without removing the hub, Meritor said, saving an average of 30 minutes per wheel-end, without affecting the warranty.

In addition, DriveForce, Meritor’s North American sales and service organization, and OnTrac, its dealer technical support center, are available to assist customers with solutions before, during and after the sale. Meritor has almost 6,000 authorized dealers throughout in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

For more information about the MTA-Tec6 suspension and other products, or to locate the nearest DriveForce representative, go to


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