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Act Trailer Orders 0423

Trailer orderboards 'fully committed' for 2023: ACT Research

May 23, 2023
OEMs are reporting that their orderboards for 2023 are fully open, with most booked through the end of the year—and some trailer makers are taking orders into 2024
ACT Research
Act Trailers 0523pweb

Trailer orders decline on seasonal, cyclical 'headwinds': ACT Research

May 16, 2023
“Seasonal expectations called for orders to pull back in April, particularly given the near record-level order backlogs and supply-chain challenges being experienced by the industry...
Kevin Jones / TBB
Wabash Ntea

Wabash revenue up 14% in Q1

April 27, 2023
Backlog sets record for the quarter at $3.1 billion, setting the stage for a record year in 2023, the company reports
ACT Research
Act Bu 0323

Strong trailer demand, lingering supply-chain challenges push backlog up

April 24, 2023
Despite expanding availability of build slots, 2023 is not yet fully open across the industry, ACT Research reports, as OEMs continue to face volatile commodity costs, long lead...
Fesan Trailer
Fesan Curtainsider

Eastern Europe trailer market slips on war; Turkey surges: CLEAR

April 19, 2023
2022 saw a 4.1% fall in trailer demand, with substantial declines within the countries most affected by the war in Ukraine. Poland also had a large fall in demand but that was...