Photo: Maxon Lift Corp.
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Maxon Lift Corp completes second manufacturing plant

Nov. 16, 2022
The California-based company has been working on its expansion since early 2021, culminating in its new facility almost two years later

While OEMs are still working to manage a large trailer backlog from 2020, Maxon Lift Corp has now completed their second manufacturing plant, enabling them to assist in easing the industry’s pent-up demand for trailers, including lift gates.

Initially announced in 2021, the 422,000 sq.-ft. facility located in Monterrey, Mexico, will include a streamlined production process with advanced machinery and automation, reported Maxine Lugash Stratton, a member of the office of president, Maxon. The goal of the added production space is to increase the company’s ability for “just in time” and “one piece flow” manufacturing, Stratton explained.

As well as increased efficiency, the second location will relieve pressure on Maxon’s original facility, which was completed in 2008. With the two plants combined, Maxon can now utilize 800,000 sq. ft. for liftgate production, including their hallmark product the Tuk-A-Way liftgate, which the company expanded in 2021.

“The Maxon family is investing $70 million in this plant,” said Casey Lugash, another member of the office of the president. “It’s a huge investment for us and the future of the North American transportation industry.”

Maxon has currently moved into the new facility and hired and trained management personnel. Now, the company is working to staff the new facility and build and install infrastructure and production lines, with the overall goal of producing liftgates in January 2023.