CIMC chassis
DTNA Napa 2017

CIMC Intermodal Equipment installs digital torqueing for improved assembly

CIMC Intermodal Equipment has converted and upgraded all of its plant operations to a new digital torqueing process, the chassis builder reports. The upgrade is part a continuing effort to provide the best quality and service to their customers.

“Our production processes are integral to meeting the goals we have set for customer satisfaction in the equipment they purchase from us,” said Mike Murray, director of warranty, quality control and training. “The new torqueing technique we’ve adopted assures that we’ve done this critical element correctly and is just the latest in our quest to find new and innovative ways to upgrade our facilities.”

An electric torque wrench married with a smart socket communicates, via Bluetooth technology, directly to a computer the actual torque value being attained during assembly of CIMC slider chassis. Each lug nut torque is immediately recorded by position using the industry standard STAR torque tightening pattern.  In addition to the torque value, the system records the operator identification, date and time of day and the unique number associated with the slider being assembled. 

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