Production increased in 2002 for half of largest truck trailer manufacturers

THE largest three trailer manufacturers built more than half of the truck trailers produced in the United States in 2002, according to a survey of trailer manufacturers conducted by Trailer/Body Builders in January and early February. 

It was almost the same story as the prior year. However, the top three's share of market was up slightly to 51.2% from 2001 when the same three companies captured 48% of a slightly larger market.

The total trailer build in the US was 138,180 in 2002, down 5% from 145,380 in 2001, according to figures released by Economic Planning Associates Inc (EPA Inc) of Smithtown, New York. The EPA Inc figures are for US plants only. That makes it difficult to compare EPA Inc totals with total figures in the accompanying table, which represents the leading trailer manufacturers in North America.

The top 10 manufacturers in North America include two Canadian companies (Manac and Trailmobile Canada) and Hyundai Translead with its plant in Mexico. Also, the Dorsey Trailer Company (ranked number 12) includes Fruehauf de Mexico, where 62% of its trailers are produced.

Half of the trailer manufacturers listed here increased production in 2002 over 2001, and half produced less than in 2001. More telling is the fact that, whether production was up or down, it tended to change little from the year before. About one third of the manufacturers came within 100 units of matching their 2001 output.

This Trailer/Body Builders annual survey is made by telephoning a member of the management team at each trailer manufacturing company. It is built on the voluntary contribution of trailer production information at each company. An estimate is made for the two companies that chose not to participate. This survey is entirely the work of Trailer/Body Builders and should not be confused with any other survey.

To see yearly comparison figures, click on the "Tables" link at the top of this page.

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