Roll Rite releases new products

Jim Kenyon said Roll Rite has released new technology on tarp systems for dump trailers, transfer trailers, and scrap trailers, with new features that will save time, improve safety, enhance performance, and increase revenue:

  • Patent pending multi-flex rear arm. This is a long-lasting tarp return for trailers with tailgates and doors that eliminates bungee cord returns, has fully automated water-tight systems for dumps, and works with all types of tailgates, swing doors, barn doors, and hydraulic gates.

  • New single-function wireless remote. It is a dual-purpose outside and wireless remote switch that eliminates tractor switch installation, keeps drivers safe, can be added on later, and mounts right on the trailer.

  • Electric tarp systems that easily convert to manual, featuring pull-one pin, and safe and accessible crank attachment.

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