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Great Dane tabs VantagePoint to train more 'agile' sales team

Great Dane is preparing its sales team for a digital future.

The trailer manufacturer recently selected the Agile Sales & Coaching Platform from VantagePoint Performance, a research-led agile sales coaching, consulting and training company, to provide its sales representatives and managers with more situation-based strategies after hearing VantagePoint speak at Dreamforce 2018.

“Great Dane has a history of success because we embrace what’s next,” said Chris Hammond, Great Dane’s executive vice president of sales. “We have invested in sales training and tools in the past, but we didn’t think traditional training was going to help us transform for the digital future.

“VantagePoint’s Agile Sales & Coaching Platform will help us connect our insight and tools to our sales teams and managers. Its insight-led, holistic approach provides the missing link to our sales investments.”

According to VantagePoint, when the Florida State University Sales Institute began a multi-year study to determine the best sales methodology, researchers made a stunning discovery: no methodology works best.

Regardless of company size, industry, geography or other factors, a single sales methodology consistently led to lower performance and failed reps who used it in roughly three out of four selling situations. VantagePoint’s Agile Sales & Coaching Platform was created to solve this problem. It allows organizations to become agile—easily able to understand each buying situation and quickly apply proven sales strategies for that situation.

VantagePoint agile sales

“Great Dane manufactures the best trailers in the world, and they can rely on VantagePoint to provide the best situational insight and training to their sales team.” said Joe Terry, CEO of VantagePoint. “By partnering with VantagePoint to optimize their insight, sales and coaching, Great Dane will learn to move sales through the funnel more effectively, improve management support, better measure performance and ultimately improve the percentage of sellers hitting their goal.”

VantagePoint’s Agile Sales & Coaching Platform leverages a three-pronged approach based on diagnostic/insight, training, and sustainment and measurement to identify the unique buying situations a company faces and best approach for each one, then get reps prepared to meet each situation effectively.

The approach is methodology-agnostic, meaning it doesn’t try to make a product fit a situation, VantagePoint said. Rather, it starts with a deep understanding of the company situation, then matches the best methodologies to company-specific scenarios.

Great Dane

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