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NATM launching Dealer Affiliation program

May 29, 2019
NATM is launching a new Dealer Affiliation program designed to promote trailer safety.

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) is launching a new Dealer Affiliation program designed to promote trailer safety through interactions with dealers and consumer education.

The association said it expects the new program to come online June 1.

“It is NATM’s mission to ‘promote trailer safety and the success of the trailer manufacturing industry through education and advocacy,’ and we are confident that including trailer dealers in our work will strengthen the industry and improve roadway safety,” the association said. “Dealers can aide NATM in its efforts to close the communication gap between trailer dealers and end-users all while generating awareness about the importance of NATM Compliant trailers.”

NATM said it’s excited to launch the Dealer Affiliation program but recognizes NATM members may have concerns, so it’s inviting members to submit questions and concerns here

“NATM fully believes that the launch of the NATM Dealer Affiliation is an opportunity to unify the trailer industry in an effort to improve trailer safety,” the association said. “While NATM remains committed to trailer manufacturers, the association has long looked at how to better bring in dealers as key stakeholders for trailer safety and this program offers an exciting opportunity to support dealers and help them educate end-users, as well as better raise awareness about the NATM Compliance Verification Program.”