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Nov. 1, 2013
NTDA allied members provide details on products, services

NTDA allied members provided product updates during one session of the NTDA Convention in Naples, Florida.

Here’s what they had to say:

GTC broadens tire lineup

GTC North America Inc’s Samson Premium Steer Tire (GL283A) is SmartWay-approved and designed for the long haul, according to Dave Andrews. It offers dual compound tread with heat-resistant material to ensure stability and long wear with tread compound designed for long wear and reduced cost per mile. Self-cleaning grooves prevent stone retention.

The Samson Highway Trailer Tire (GL295T) is geared for mid- to long-haul service and its specialized tread compound is designed for wear at highway speeds. The tread patter provides for drainage and slip resistance. Advanced siping improves wear and stability. SmartWay approval for the GL285T is pending.

GTC’s Samson All Position Mixed Service Tire (GL671A) includes three “Z” shaped grooves designed to provide excellent tracking and braking. The special cut-resistant tread compound mixed with shoulder lug grooves are designed to aid in traction.

GTC North America offers 400 point-of-sale locations and a warranty program with a 50% free replacement program as well as casing allowance for two retreads on all medium truck radials. GTC also offers a full product line including steer, drive, trailer tires, skidsteer, grader, forklift, farm, and off-road.

New Maxon liftgate feaetures level ride

Howard Smith said Maxon Lift Corp’s Tuk-A-Way liftgate features level ramping ride, or true level ride all the way to the ground. Premium Tuks deliver the capacity, convenience, and capability needed.

The Maxon GPT features a level ramping ride that helps keep heavy or awkward loads from shifting during use. Level ramping ride is level until the platform touches the ground, at which point the operator can ramp the platform down for easy unloading and re-loading. The GPTLR, introduced in 2003 and still never copied, offers a unique level ride all the way from the truck to the ground, with no ramping at either extreme. This is the ultimate option for heavy and awkward loads, offering maximum convenience for the liftgate operator.

The GPT/GPTWR is designed to handle high capacity loads up to 5000 lbs. A lightweight, rust-proof, extruded all-aluminum platform is designed to handle palletized cargo and torsion springs make it easy to open and close. It has optional single or dual recessed cart stops. GPTWR allows access to an optional walk ramp without lowering the gate.

All premium Tuk-A-Ways offer a broad range of options to tailor the liftgate to your specific needs, including certified underrides, steel and aluminum platforms, cart stops, and more. The GPTWR is walk-ramp-ready and offers access to the walk ramp without operating the gate. For the latest configurations and model options, visit

The GPTWR is perfect for carts and pallets as it rides level from the truck to the ground. It’s exclusive Load Guidance System and roller design makes unfolding easy. The GPTWR also offers multiple step and dock bumper configurations and an optional dock-lock receiver. Options for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Canadian underride devices are available.

Speeds decal removal

Stripeze offers its customers a new way to handle their de-identification needs with the convenience of a third-party nationwide service, according to Brandon Leonard.

Stripeze offers an efficient alternative to traditional methods of truck and trailer de-identification, utilizing thermal transfer technology to quickly and cleanly remove identification, leaving a residue-free surface. Depending on substrate material and condition, Stripeze averages a 90% “chemical free” process.

On materials that require chemical assistance needed to remove any glue residue, Stripeze utilizes “green-friendly” products. The removal process varies depending on each vehicle due to the type of vinyl that could be applied. There are two major different types of vinyl coverage: cut vinyl and full wraps.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call (816) 220-7100.

Trail King Releases MG gooseneck

Barry Freifeld said Trail King Industries has introduced the Aluminum Combo Mechanical Gooseneck “MG,” a corrosion-resistant trailer offering lighter tare weights.

It offers the ability to easily repair body sections and adjustability with the five-position manual ride high adjustment. The air-operated GN support arm and removable GN roller comes with a variety of capacity options and configurations: TK 60, TK 75 and TK 90.

Trail King has trailers to serve a wide variety of applications for markets as diverse as construction, agriculture, transportation, waste and recycling, and specialized hauling.

For more information, visit

New rollup reefer door from Transglobal

Transglobal Doors’ new “arctic lock” rollup reefer door features a 100% sealed panel to avoid moisture intrusion, according to Mike Hauer.

The aluminum framed panels have a 360-degree thermal break and were tested to real-world conditions. There is a stainless steel hardware package option and the system is available for 1” and 2” track designs.

The bottom panel saver system is standard along with a 40% weight savings over conventional extruded aluminum reefer panels. 

Established in 2003, Transglobal brings over 50 years of rollup door manufacturing experience for the OEM truck trailer, truck body, and aftermarket transportation industry. Transglobal manufactures: dry-freight wood doors; ¼” and ½” composite doors; refrigerated doors; replacement parts for all manufacturers; and ramp door spring systems.

TST develops trailer support system

Dan Covington said Truck System Technologies’ PrimeTransportSolutions (PTS) 50 is an ergonomic all-in-one pneumatic trailer support system.

The removal of the crank handle significantly improves worker health and safety. It can be operated by drivers with slight disabilities. The PTS50 increases employee retention and promotes EEO legislation. It also aids an aging truck driver to prolong his working life. All trailers are dropped to the same height allowing drivers to back straight under to couple, knowing the trailer is set at the right height. With a 20% increase in parking efficiency, operating space between trailers can be reduced.

The PTS50 prevents dropped trailers as the locking pin will not allow the leg to collapse. In the event of loss of air supply, the system can be manually operated, the vehicle can continue on its route and repairs carried at the end of the day back at base. Speed of operation increases efficiency.

The PTS50 provides savings in assembly and installation, maintenance and downtime. A reduction in component count, with just two moving parts and no lube or gears, provides for reduced maintenance. Each leg set is designed to last the lifetime of the trailer and legs cannot fail, causing a dropped trailer. Replacement parts are inexpensive and very easy to install. Cost savings are also provided by reduced yard damage (dropped trailers/tractor damage) and damage caused by unsecured crank handles. Each leg is identical and fits nearside or offside. There is no need to throw away tons of steel from failed cranked legs that aren’t cost-effective to repair, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Weight savings from Dorsey Trailer

Dorsey Trailer has introduced its weight-saving Combo Giant Composite trailers, designed and engineered for significant weight savings and outstanding payload capacity, according to Trey Gary. The aluminum/steel combo has a capacity of 80,000 lbs evenly distributed and an available 55,000 lbs capacity in four feet.

The Dorsey Combo Giant series includes a multitude of configurations of both flatbed and drop-deck trailer models. The high-yield steel main frame, fabricated with 130psi beam material fused with the all new extruded aluminum side rails and deck flooring, forms a durable trailer that features a weight-saving design and a stable ride. Combo Giant trailers feature an integrated “LL” winch track extruded into the aluminum side rails, extruded aluminum front and rear skirts, and many other features considered options on other trailers.

 The Combo Giant series is a natural complement to Dorsey’s Steel Giant series that currently produces a full line of all steel flatbeds, drop decks, flatbed extendables, and dropdeck extendables.

The company utilizes decades of experience, computer-aided design, skilled craftsmen, and an 800,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility to produce safe and reliable trailers. Dorsey offers a wide variety of truck trailers including steel and composite flatbeds, drop decks, extendable flatbeds and drop decks, open top and closed top chip vans, and specialty trailers such as fruit haul and furniture drop frame vans.

Additional information is available at

Cross Country touts new trailer line

Cross Country Manufacturing Inc, manufacturer of Tecumseh Trailers, introduced its new live bottom and aluminum end dump trailers, according to Mike Zueff.

Cross Country Manufacturing was founded in 1990 in Morris, Manitoba, and now employs a full-time Research and Development team that is constantly looking to improve product, as well as develop new products.

Cross Country offers aggregate trailers and truck dump bodies to various markets in Canada and in the U.S. For more information, visit

Felling refines air-ramp technology

Felling Trailers’ air-ramp technology is a popular option on several of its trailer models, including its Over-the-Road (OTR) semi-trailers.

Gary Knudsen said Felling air ramps operate via an air-bag system that works off of the same supply as the air-brake system. Thus, any air-brake equipped truck can operate a Felling Trailer equipped with air ramps without any other external power source (battery, gas engine or truck-powered hydraulic system).

Air ramps have lower maintenance costs over time and also eliminate the possibility of environmental cleanup issues associated with hydraulic ramp leaks. Felling has outfitted air ramps on everything from a 20,000-lb capacity tag trailer to a 100,000-lb hydraulic detach trailer. The air lift system is able to lift in excess of 5000 lbs and is available in 36”, 45”, and full-width options on any air-brake-equipped trailer.

For more information, visit

Optronics’ GloLight series is unveiled

Optronics recently unveiled its GloLight series of stop/tail/turn lamps, according to Bob Bartowski. GloLight looks different and is capturing the attention of OEs and end users alike with an optical signature that visually sets it apart from everything else on the road.

The introduction of the GloLight series represents the first truly different approach to the visual presentation of stop, tail, turn lamps in years. A smoothly illuminated outer band surrounds a central LED array that remains unlit during standard tail-light operation. The dual-function outer ring brightens and the central LED array lights only during stop and turn functions. OEs see the lamps as a valuable product enhancement, while fleets appreciate the high quality and reasonable price point. Independent owner-operators see the lamps as way to add individual style to their rigs.

All the lamps in the new GloLight Series meet all FMVSS 108 and SAE photometric requirements for visibility and safety. The lamps come with a lifetime warranty and are built to be as durable as they are attractive. Lenses and housings are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sonically welded, and the lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock, and vibration.

GloLight stop/turn/tail lamps are available in flange-mount and grommet-mount versions. The lamps are available with standard PL-3 and weather tight termination options, allowing them to make use of existing harness connections for installation flexibility and cost-effective retrofitting. The GloLight product line also includes a wide range of matching marker/clearance and back-up lights for a coordinated appearance—high-style vehicle lighting for today’s vehicles and trailers.

Corporate Billing offers factoring

Leif Founds and Jeff Leavitt said Corporate Billing has been purchasing parts and service accounts receivable from OEM dealers and aftermarket distributors for almost 20 years. It purchases invoices non-recourse at a discount between 2%-3% and funds its clients within 24 hours. Corporate Billing also handles the month-end statement billing, collections and credit on customers.

Are you waiting 30 to 60 days to get paid by your clients? Can’t afford to wait? Waiting to be paid by your clients can be very challenging, especially if your business is a startup or just growing very quickly.

The practice of factoring has been around for a long time and goes by many names—invoice discounting, accounts receivable factoring, and debtor financing. If a dealership is facing a cash flow shortage, factoring allows it to turn over customers’ invoices to a factor, which will pay most of the debt’s face value. Invoice factoring has the ability to get a company paid more quickly, providing it with financing to pay employees, suppliers, and rent. More importantly, factoring invoices ideally eliminates the uncertainty of when a company will be paid, allowing it to confidently manage and grow the business.

Before deciding whether factoring is right, here are several items to consider: understand all the terms of the contract; be aware of the total cost; and understand the personal risk.

More information is available at or (256) 584-3633.

Minimizer’s fenders never rust

Headquartered in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, Minimizer manufactures poly truck fenders, poly toolboxes, customized mud flaps, and bracket kits.

Steve Hansen said Minimizer offers a variety of semi truck fender styles, colors and options. Minimizer plastic truck fenders never rust because they are 100% Polyethylene. The color is molded throughout so fender chips, scuffs, and scratches can’t be seen. The fender never needs to be painted and never fades. The Minimizer fender itself should never need maintenance other than the occasional wash using any all purpose cleaner.

Minimizer now manufactures a seamless paddle bracket for its fender sets. Paddle brackets give fenders a sleek and seamless new look, make fender installation easier, and reduce suspension bulk. The paddle bracket systems were designed to absorb impact and work in tandem with Minimizer fenders and soften road vibration. They are constructed from 100% composite material so they are flexible, never need paint and won’t stress crack.

DMS solutions from Procede Software

Larry Kettler said the company is celebrating its 12th year in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry.

Procede Software has been providing advanced Dealer Management System (DMS) solutions since its 2001 founding by software pioneer Peter Kneale.

Since then, Procede has been providing its Excede DMS software solution to commercial vehicle and automotive dealerships. Excede DMS provides the core functionality for business operations, including accounting, parts, service, vehicles, lease/rental and fuel management.

The software is built from the ground up on Microsoft technology, enabling Procede to deliver tools that are at once innovative, yet familiar.  A Windows-based platform and SQL Server database make it easier to use and more powerful than other DMS solutions.

The company’s scalable solution is in use at commercial vehicle dealerships of all sizes, from one location with five users to 16 locations with 250 users.

Reyco Granning Unveils DM 400

Joe Gallo said the DockMaster 400 Air Ride Slider is Reyco Granning’s newest air spring trailer suspension system. The DM400 was designed to fit Binkley, Hutch, and TTMA rails, includes side wear pads in the hanger, enhanced corrosion protection, plus brakes and a 4½-inch multifunctional pivot bushing to provide optimum control, performance. and life expectancy.

DM400 is designed for fleets with dry freight van trailers, refrigerated van trailers and trailer-on-flat-car (TOFC, intermodal) applications.

It is a blend of strength without the weight. The result is an air ride slider that is 33% stronger than its competitors. Compared to another popular slider which buckled at 38,000 pounds, the DM400 doesn’t even begin to buckle at the test equipment’s maximum limit of 50,000 pounds. Most other sliders on the market feature eight-inch, open C rails. The DM400 introduces seven-gauge, nine-inch, Super-C frame rails and unitized, wrap-around hangers.

The DM400 also features the company’s REY-ALIGN “one person” alignment system which requires no special tools or additional parts. ♦

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