Sapa Extrusions’ Cressona Facility to Add 3,600-Ton Extrusion Press

Fabrication logoSapa Extrusions has announced plans to install an advanced, large-capacity extrusion press as an addition to the press line at its Cressona, Pennsylvania, facility. The equipment will bring the total number of presses operated by the Cressona plant to eight.

The press is a 3,600-ton Ube direct-extrusion press that extrudes 10” diameter billets to produce profiles with up to 10” circle size. It features Granco-Clark billet-heating equipment, air and standing wave quench systems, Granco-Clark exit system with double pullers and the latest process control technology.

“This press provides us a unique opportunity to diversify product capabilities and significantly reduce manufacturing costs with productivity gains from a modern press,” said Richard A. Worst, Cressona plant manager. “It is well-supported by our in-house facilities with upgraded equipment for casting, aging, fabrication and a new auto-pack line to make the investment pay off.”

The Ube press, which became available with the idling of Sapa Extrusions’ Morris, IL, plant, will be moved to the Cressona location. The installation is expected to cost $4 million, with startup projected for the 3rd quarter of 2010. In addition to a $5 million upgrade just completed to its 5,700-ton press, the new installation signals Sapa’s long-term commitment to continued capital investment.

Dennis J. Menzies, Cressona’s marketing director of industrial products, noted the market opportunities that the Ube press offers.

“It will add mandrel capabilities for seamless tube production and bolster production of our small and intermediate size hollow shapes for distribution, transportation, industrial and consumer products. That positions us to better compete against regional extrusion companies and to take advantage of our nationwide freight network.”

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