Nozzle cleaning station for welding guns

Fabrication logo Arndt Enterprise Ltd's AE-SC2CV nozzle cleaning station is designed for manufacturers using robotic Mig welding guns. The system can be used with all brands of robotic welding guns: for applications using hard or soft wires and all nozzle-contact tip combinations.

The AE-SC2CV station is designed to lower production costs by reducing robot weld cycle time. All operations take place after one robot move of the torch. Multiple torch movements that waste valuable time are eliminated.

When fully equipped, the AE-SC2CV system is designed to trim the weld wire, clean the nozzle and contact tip of built-up weld spatter, and apply anti-spatter compound. All service operations are completed in less than six seconds.

The robot moves the welding gun to the cleaning station. As the welding gun enters the station, the welding wire may be trimmed. Once in position, the nozzle is gripped firmly in a clamping jaw and the nozzle reaming blade is activated. Turning at high speed, the reamer blade enters the nozzle and cleans away built-up spatter from the nozzle and contact tip area. As the reamer retracts, a mist of anti-spatter compound is directed into the nozzle through the reamer blade, thus providing a protective coating to the nozzle and contact tip. An ample supply of liquid anti-spatter compound is held in an enclosed container accessible at the rear of the system.

For additional information, e-mail [email protected] or phone 847-234-5736.

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