ESAB launches Swift Arc Transfer process

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products introduces Swift Arc Transfer (SAT), a high-productivity MIG process that utilizes OK AristoRod non-copper coated wires at travel speeds well beyond the limits of normal spray arc welding.

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During MIG welding, the welding arc follows a natural sequence as arc voltage and wire feed speed are proportionally increased; that natural sequence is short arc, mixed arc, spray arc, and rotating arc.

At higher wire feed speeds associated with the rotating arc mode, but lower arc voltage than the rotating arc mode, the SAT arc is created.

SAT produces flat welds with a good penetration and without undercut. It requires low heat input, which results in less deformation. SAT requires less post-weld labor due to the limited spatter and deformation, which usually results in lower production costs. It is easy to implement and produces a low amount of silicates.

Suited for fillet and overlap welds in thin to thick plate, in downhand positions, SAT can operate with a range of wire diameters at several levels of deposition rate.

SAT is best achieved with the Aristo U82 robot package, which includes the power source (Aristo Mig 5000iw inverter or the ESAB Mig 4002, 5002, or 6502 choppers), Aristo U82 control unit with SAT synergic lines, the Robofeed 3004w ELC encapsulated wire feeder, cable packages, and the Marathon Pac bulk drum with wire and optional bobbin holder.

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