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Lincoln Electric VRTEX360 plus Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric launches new welding solutions

Company's latest innovations include VR training simulators, twin-wire GMAW for higher deposition rates

Lincoln Electric recently introduced new virtual reality welding training simulators and a new twin-wire gas metal arc welding (GMAW) solution for high deposition welding.

The company’s VRTEX training simulators are designed to provide a “powerful, cutting-edge solution” for training welders faster and more efficiently, while driving down material costs. With superior graphics and accurate sounds, the VRAW (Virtual Reality Arc Welding) experience offered by VRTEX transfers into real-world, hands-on training.

Next-generation VRTEX systems feature a realistic GTAW (TIG) welding experience. The weld puddle, including weld discontinuities, is accurate, and visually and audibly responsive to operator behavior. The operator uses an adaptive current foot control and can perform welds without filler metal on a variety of materials.  
The new VRTEX 360+ allows schools or training centers to train two welders at the same time from one machine, each independently performing welds using different processes, coupons, joints and welding procedure specifications (WPS).
VRTEX virtual reality simulator benefits include:

  • Reduced training costs
  • Faster training
  • Increase in certification rates
  • Safety—no metal, sparks, heat, gas or fumes
  • Immediate performance evaluation and enhanced student engagement

With VRTEX simulators, weld puddle action and audio/visual response to operator behavior differ for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel as in actual welding. Additional features include:

  • Demo and Replay Modes—used by instructors to display optimal welding techniques and review actual student behavior
  • Virtual bend tests: Instantly provides results to reveal what causes a weld to pass or fail
  • Advanced scoring for weld tie-ins
  • Pipe-on-plate coupon and welding procedure specifications
  • Lap coupon with support for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Weldometer records material savings for each practice weld performed

All new VRTEX models feature the extremely realistic GTAW process and welding devices.

New Models:

  • VRTEX 360 Single User—offers multiple welding processes, positions and joint configurations
  • VRTEX 360+ Dual User—trains two people at the same time from one machine to increase throughput and further reduce program costs.
  • VRTEX Transport—tabletop-based system

To complete the VRTEX family, the VRTEX Engage is ideal for introductory career pathways programs in any environment. All VRTEX models feature a three-year warranty. Learn more at

Lincoln Electric HyperFill

Lincoln Electric’ HyperFill is a patent-pending, twin-wire GMAW welding solution it says revolutionizes high deposition welding. Developed for semi-automatic or robotic applications, HyperFill increases the usable deposition rate compared to traditional single-wire GMAW, while delivering improved weld quality and puddle stability.

Due to its twin-wire design, HyperFill is able to utilize two smaller diameter wires to produce a larger weld droplet and arc cone. In return, this generates a large weld puddle that is easier to manage and control, allowing operators on average to increase usable deposition rates up to 50% over traditional single-wire processes.
The HyperFill design also redefines the use of twin-wire GMAW.

Unlike traditional twin-wire processes, which typically require dual power sources or dual contact tips, HyperFill uses a single power source, feeder, gun liner and contact tip. This allows operations to improve weld deposition without the burden of a complex system set-up, allowing for maximum productivity with minimal implementation costs.
For more information on how to take deposition rates to the next level, visit

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