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TBM’s Dploy Solutions launches industrial IoT software

Sept. 16, 2019
Company says new Factory Floor Connectivity capabilities deliver deeper, broader visibility into shop floor

TBM Consulting Group, a global operations management consulting firm, recently revealed new Industrial IoT (IIoT) capabilities for its cloud-based Dploy Solutions digital manufacturing software.

The company says its Factory Floor Connectivity provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for small to mid-sized manufacturers, allowing plant managers and equipment operators to monitor performance on the plant floor, address issues quickly and sustain optimal performance.

The new solution is designed to provide clarity about operations performance, empowering employees at every level of an organization with real-time information and alerts to help keep production on track every hour of every day. It uses dynamic dashboards, analytics and root-cause analysis tools to enable workers to quickly identify and act on performance issues in the business, Dploy said.

“Productivity on the factory floor is vital for manufacturing companies to survive,” said Brian Tilley, managing director of technology solutions at TBM. “Without monitoring and tight control of equipment and processes, productivity and quality could quickly slip, leading to missed operational and financial goals.

“Adding Dploy Solutions Factory Floor Connectivity to the Dploy suite is the perfect solution to help manufacturers gain clear visibility and closer management over exactly what’s happening from the top floor to the shop floor.”

Dploy’s Factory Floor Connectivity IIoT capabilities use embedded technology from the leaders in Industrial IoT connectivity and visualization solutions to:

  • Continuously gather data from disparate plant floor equipment and systems and deliver it to decision makers in real time
  • Allow operations leaders, plant managers, and operators to see critical, down-to-the-second data via dynamic, fully customizable dashboards
  • Immediately pinpoint problem areas
  • Send alerts the moment performance starts to slip
  • Capture corrective actions for continuous improvement
  • Empower quick action to correct issues that stand in the way of meeting daily goals and achieving operational excellence

Dploy says it has the only manufacturing software that combines digital manufacturing and Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions with continuous improvement methodologies to advance smart manufacturing goals.

“In our current business environment, if you are not embracing digital or Industrial IoT, staying competitive will be an uphill battle,” said Ken Koenemann, vice president of supply chain and technology at TBM. “This is where Dploy Solutions can help. We have the digital capabilities that can illuminate critical areas of operations on the plant floor that require attention. Our solution puts data and online tools at your fingertips for identifying root causes and proactively addressing those issues. Employees can work every day to improve execution and operations.”

Learn more about the new Factory Floor Connectivity capabilities at dploysolutions.com.