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Thermal Dynamics reveals new Cutmaster Black consumables

July 12, 2019
Thermal Dynamics recently launched a new Cutmaster Black Series of plasma-cutting consumables.

Thermal Dynamics, an ESAB brand, recently launched a new Cutmaster Black Series of enhanced-performance, plasma-cutting consumables, which it says are designed to extend operating life by 60% compared to standard-life electrodes.

The new consumables are featured on the SL60QD 1Torch, which comes with the Cutmaster 60i handheld air plasma cutting system. Coupled with internal enhancements on the Cutmaster 60i, the new electrode design increases the unit’s rated cut and piercing capacity to 3/4 inches, a 16.6% improvement, the company said. The Cutmaster 60i can sever metal up to 1 1/2 inches.

“At 37 pounds, the Cutmaster 60i already offered the best power-to-weight ratio on the market,” said Kris Scherm, ESAB’s global manual plasma business and product director. “With the Cutmaster Black Series consumables, this 60-amp unit is even more of a cutting beast. With Cutmaster Black Series consumables, users will enjoy lower overall operating costs through extended electrode life and obtain more quality cuts per electrode.”

The SL60QD 1Torch with Cutmaster Black Series consumables also is available as an option for the Cutmaster 58 handheld air plasma cutting system. This unit can pierce and cut 5/8-inch metal, has a maximum sever capacity of 1 inch and features the classic Cutmaster design, Thermal Dynamics said.

Mechanized Torch Option

For users who want the flexibility to connect a Cutmaster 60i to a cutting table for semiautomated air plasma cutting, Thermal Dynamics now offers the MechPak mechanized package. MechPak comes with everything users need to get started, including an SL100 mechanized 1Torch with 25- or 50-foot cable, remote pendant, lead with ATC Torch Connection and consumables.

“The MechPak features a power connector for a start/stop trigger integrated with the ATC Torch Connection,” Scherm said. “Typically, applications would include pairing the Cutmaster 60i and MechPak with an ESAB Miggytrac or Railtrac tractor for semiautomatic cutting, beveling or plasma gouging.”

The Cutmaster 60i and 58 are covered by ESAB’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, which provides purchase protection any time with the first 100 days of purchase, the company said. The units include a four-year warranty on the power supply and a one-year warranty on the 1Torch.