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AWS ARCademy video series premieres

Jan. 29, 2021
Remote learning resource designed for those interested in taking the steps to educate themselves towards a welding career

The American Welding Society has launched the “AWS ARCademy” video series. AWS ARCademy will provide resources for those interested in taking the steps to educate themselves towards a welding career. Hosted by Joe Young and Stephanie Hoffman of the AWS Foundation, the series launches Wednesday, January 27, with new videos added regularly.

“Our main goal for these videos is to help those looking for some basic understanding of welding without overwhelming them,” said Stephanie Hoffman, program manager workforce development, AWS Foundation, and co-host of  AWS ARCademy. “Too many video tutorials are long-winded and cover too many topics in one video, and these videos are targeted training that is easy to follow.”

In a time of remote learning, AWS ARCademy is designed for those looking to learn from home, or those who do not have the time or money to commit to a full welding program. Joe Young, co-host of AWS ARCademy and senior manager workforce development, AWS Foundation, said the new video series will make a positive impact on up-and-coming welders who are looking to polish their skills and expand their knowledge of welding.

“No matter your situation, the video series will provide a basic crash course into welding,” said Joe Young. “I am really excited about the series!”

The focus of the video series is process-related topics and highlighting AWS products and solutions that are designed to move their welding careers forward. Topics range from how to use common workshop tools and how to understand welding symbols, to the top five mistakes to avoid in TIG, MIG, and stick welding.

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