Michelin Xonelineenergy

Michelin redesigns its most fuel-efficient trailer tire

Aug. 5, 2020
MICHELIN X One Line Energy T2 tire built to deliver both improved tread wear while providing fuel and weight savings

Michelin North America Inc. is launching the MICHELIN X One Line Energy T2 tire—its most fuel-efficient trailer tire to date—for the North American line-haul market, the company reports.

“The trailer-wheel position is a challenging position for long-haul tire design. The free-rolling wheel position is subject to variable loads, less maintenance and irregular wear,” said Adam Murphy, vice president, B2B marketing, Michelin North America. “Michelin is committed to investing in our X One technology. This new MICHELIN X One Line Energy T2 product delivers both improved tread wear while providing fuel and weight savings, lowering the total cost of ownership for fleets, especially during this economically challenged time in the trucking industry.”

The SmartWay-verified X One Line Energy T2 is targeted for the dry-van truck load, refrigerated truck load and tanker segments. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, fuel ranks first in vehicle-based costs, above repair and maintenance, insurance and other costs. The X One Energy T2 can increase fuel savings through an 11% lower rolling resistance when used in the trailer positionand can increase revenue by carrying up to 287 more pounds of payload.

The X One Line Energy T2 features a tread design that helps prevent irregular wear and incorporates compounds designed to improve resistance to late-life tire aggression. The dual-compound tread consists of a mileage top layer that controls tread stiffness and stress to reduce irregular wear and a fuel-efficient bottom layer that minimizes internal casing temperatures for low rolling resistance. The tread incorporates directional micro-sipes, resulting in a directional tire for the first half of tire life. Located along the center ribs, matrix siping with zigzag walls interlock for squirm resistance.

Providing maximum satisfaction, the X One Line Energy T2comes with the Michelin X One Total Satisfaction Guarantee. This provides owners and drivers 100% satisfaction and purchase confidence.

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