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Cosmo Tires launches branding web portal for distributors

June 28, 2024
Through the Kool Kat Assets portal, distributors will have access to Cosmo Tires marketing materials, including logos and artwork

Cosmo Tires has launched its new Kool Kat Assets Web Portal. This online resource is designed exclusively for Cosmo Tires' distributors, providing them with a one-stop shop for all brand-related materials and tools.

The Kool Kat Assets Web Portal offers an range of assets, including high-resolution logos, official color palettes, radio jingles, TV spots, the history of the Cosmo brand, social media tips and best practices, and much more. This centralized hub ensures that distributors have easy access to everything they need to market and sell Cosmo Tires, maintaining brand consistency and enhancing their promotional efforts.

“We are excited to introduce the Kool Kat Assets Web Portal, a testament to our commitment to supporting our distributors with the best resources available,” said TGI President, Joaquin Gonzalez Jr. “This portal not only streamlines access to essential materials but also embodies the Kool Kat spirit that defines our brand.”

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The Portal also includes the Kool Kat Test, a quiz is designed to test users’ knowledge of Cosmo Tires' history, products, and brand values. Distributors who pass the Kool Kat Test will be rewarded with a swag bag filled with exclusive Cosmo goodies worth over $100.

Key features of the Kool Kat Assets Web Portal include:

  • Official logos, color palettes, fonts, and artwork
  • Radio jingles and TV spots
  • Brand history from inception to its current status
  • Technical specs and data sheets
  • Kool Kat Test

The Kool Kat Assets Web Portal is now live and accessible to all registered Cosmo Tires distributors. To explore the portal and take the Kool Kat Test, distributors can visit and log in with their credentials.

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