Right Weigh offers onboard load scale

Right Weigh Inc is announcing the launch of its first in-dash-mounted digital onboard load scale: the new E-Z Weigh In-Dash Scale.

This scale is the latest addition to Right Weigh’s digital line of onboard load scales for air suspension trucks and trailers. It is available in two models; one designed for dedicated truck/trailer sets, the other intended for a truck only. Measuring and reading on-the-ground weight in pounds and kilograms, these digital gauges are intended to mount in the dash panel of a truck’s cab, fitting in a standard 2-1/16" gauge hole.

The dedicated truck/trailer model displays the on-ground weight for the trailer and the truck’s drive axles, while also showing an estimated steer and gross weight. The truck scale displays the on-ground weight for a truck’s drive axles, making it best-suited for straight trucks, or trucks that typically drop and hook.

This onboard load scale is now available for purchase at more than 300 dealers nationwide and by contacting Right Weigh directly. For more information go to www.rwls.com.

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