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CURT Rebellion XD Cushion Trailer Hitch CURT

CURT pioneers cushion-hitch technology with Rebellion XD

CURT, a supplier of towing products and manufacturer of custom-fit trailer hitches, recently introduced the Rebellion XD hitch, which it says delivers a more comfortable towing experience.

The Rebellion XD is an adjustable, cushion-hitch ball mount. The receiver hitch mount is designed to reduce jerking, jarring, rattling, vibration and strain at the coupling point, CURT said. This helps provide a smoother ride for the driver and passengers, while minimizing the toll on the vehicle, its brakes and suspension system.

Rebellion XD takes a new approach to cushion-hitch technology aimed at simplicity of design and low-maintenance through patented ShockDrop technology, CURT maintained. With a highly tested polyurethane isolator and only a few heavy-duty components, ShockDrop provides a noticeable difference in the towing experience.

The simple design removes the hassle of an airbag, bearings and the frequent maintenance required by other cushion hitch options, CURT claimed. It also makes the Rebellion XD lighter than competitor models.

CURT Rebellion XD Cushion Trailer Hitch

Rebellion XD is the flagship product in CURT’s newly launched line of ShockDrop solutions. The company plans to release a retrofit trailer ball with ShockDrop—the RockerBall—later this year, and more heavy-duty ShockDrop solutions are in the works.

CURT Rebellion XD Cushion Trailer Hitch

To learn more about how the Rebellion XD can improve the towing experience, visit


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