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Isuzu promoted its CNGfueled trucks as part of its Truck Product Conference display The company offers fuel prep packages to enable its NPR and NPRHD models to run on CNG or propane
<p>Isuzu promoted its CNG-fueled trucks as part of its Truck Product Conference display. The company offers fuel prep packages to enable its NPR and NPR-HD models to run on CNG or propane.</p>

Product changes for Isuzu trucks

BRIAN Buchanan, manager of product planning for Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, gave a product change summary for NPR-HD, NQR, NRR, NPR Gas, NPR-HD Gas, and NPR ECO-MAX trucks:

• To meet greenhouse gas (GHG) requirements, Isuzu adopted low-rolling-resistance. Yokohama, Bridgestone, and Continental LRR tires are offered on various models. All-season tires are now standard for NPR ECO-MAX and Reach. New VIN labels show the LRR tire status.

• Adopted a new 4.2-gallon DEF tank to meet the 40-minute initial dosing requirement and new OBD requirements. The DEF tank restrictor eliminates magnets from the DEF tank restrictor. It’s a running change from April 2013. Current and new restrictors are interchangeable.

• Adopted an overriding accelerator with brake logic for safer operation. The brake pedal will be prioritized when the driver simultaneously pushes the acceleration pedal and brake pedal.

• Added an on/off switch for service information, which helps eliminate driver confusion for customers who prefer their own maintenance interval.

• For production quality improvement, many components of the 4JJ1 engine will be modified. That has no impact on performance and durability.

• Adopted a lighter and more compact UBS unit (using the same supplier) and changed the ABS unit mounting bracket.

• Changed the rear axle size (PR-HD only), providing a weight reduction, and discontinued the manual transmission for OBD enhancement.

• Deleted the idle-control knob to avoid a no-regeneration incident. Applications requiring high idle need to order PTO switches.

• The Reach aluminum floor is now standard. The composite floor is available as an option.

• Added AM/FM/CD with Bluetooth, USB port, and auxiliary input.

• Added heated power mirrors.

• The FMS-CAN Interface is available as a PIO and PDC. The Fleet Management System FMS-CAN Interface safely provides accurate vehicle CAN data to aftermarket devices such as telematics.

Upfitter considerations:

• The NPR and NPR-HD Gas models can be ordered with the LC8 gaseous fuel engine prep package. This option enables vehicle conversion to LPG or CNG, providing the customer more flexibility to find the fueling option that fits their needs.

• All Isuzu Diesel trucks MY 2010+ emissions use engine coolant heat to meet DEF thaw guidelines. No auxiliary heaters may draw heat from the engine coolant for any of these vehicles. Energy used for auxiliary heating may increase DEF thaw times beyond acceptable guidelines. All auxiliary heaters must provide their own heat source. (Example: electric.)

• The vertical exhaust option is only available with 4HK1 engine (14,500 lbs GVWR and higher). Must be PIO (Port Installed Option) when vehicle is ordered (cannot be installed by dealer after vehicle wholesale).  This is the only acceptable diesel exhaust layout modification.

• NPR ECO-MAX with 4JJ1 engine is EPA emissions certified using a chassis dynamometer. This certification method dictates certain requirements. Body limits (per incomplete vehicle document): vehicle frontal area limit, 74.5 square feet; vehicle curb weight limit, 9660 lbs; LRR tires are required; for 2013, Yokohama TY213A (all-season) is standard; pre-2013, Bridgestone R250 steel-steel (highway) was standard.

• Electrical harnesses splicing should be minimized.

• Bodies up to 91” inside height do not require special engineering approval if: vertical CG is less than 63 inches above ground; 30%-40% of weight is located on front axle; and successful weight distribution was completed without exceeding axle GAWR when level loaded to GVWR.

• Completed vehicle frontal area must be calculated for all NPR ECO-MAX applications.

• NPR ECO-MAX is not approved for bodies over 96” wide.

• “J”-hooks are not approved for any Isuzu chassis. ♦


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