Navistar Parts Offers FSX Cleaning Machine

To provide maintenance of diesel particulate filters (DPF), Navistar Parts has added the FSX Cleaning System to its line of products available through International and IC Bus dealers.

“When the 2007 emissions requirements were enacted, virtually every diesel truck on the road had to install a diesel particulate filter,” said Andrew Zielinski, Product Director, Green for Navistar Parts. “Three years later, these filters are beginning to need regular cleaning to help keep them working efficiently.”

The FSX Cleaning Machine features Air Knife Technology on the inlet and outlet sides of the DPF filter, which ensures proper cleaning of the filter, longer duty cycles between cleanings and promotes full life expectancy of the DPF.

“Our extensive dealer network is able to offer customers an opportunity to purchase this new preventive maintenance tool for DPF filters — just as vehicles are beginning to need to clean their filters,” said Zielinski. “Participating dealers who are equipped with a DPF cleaning system are beginning to offer filter cleaning as a service to their customers.”

The FSX Cleaning System includes:

  • The TrapBlaster 7 Pneumatic Cleaner — provides cell-by-cell cleaning in both automatic and manual modes
  • The TrapTester 7 Air Flow Test Bench — measures airflow before and after cleaning to ensure compliance
  • TrapBurner Thermal Cleaner — for thermal regeneration of filters
  • SootSucker Dust Collector — captures waste from the cleaning process

In addition, International and IC Bus dealers can sell the FSX Cleaning Machines to customers and fleets who need on-site cleaning.

To find a local International or IC Bus dealer visit
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