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Cargo sensor Mercedes Benz Vans

Mercedes-Benz Vans develops AI-powered cargo sensor

Mercedes-Benz Vans recently developed a new AI-powered cargo sensor system designed to address the growing demands of e-commerce and last-mile delivery. 

These new technologies, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, automate cargo management, decrease package handling and improve delivery times, allowing logistics companies to deliver more packages with greater speed, transparency and efficiency, the company said.

The Cargo Recognition and Organization System, known as CoROS equips the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with an array of cameras that automatically scan and track packages as they enter and exit the vehicle. Leveraging computer vision and AI, CoROS identifies, scans and records packages as they are brought into the vehicle and recommends the optimal loading position based on the package’s size and destination.

CoROS continuously monitors cargo space during a driver's route and tracks changes to a package's location if a sharp turn or road bump causes the cargo to shift, or if the driver reorganizes their cargo throughout the day. At each stop, the system automatically looks up the customer's order and directs the driver to that customer’s packages via LEDs installed on shelves and throughout the cargo space.

The company said the system provides additional benefits through real-time status updates for fleet managers and customers on a driver's progress and the status of individual packages, reducing potential customer frustration regarding uncertain delivery times.

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