Johnson ElectriMax provides game-changing advantages

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies offers a fiberglass refrigerated truck body with ElectriMax all-electric refrigeration.

“ElectriMax demonstrates game-changing, all-electric technology for the food transport industry,” said Mayo Rude, director of sales and marketing. “ElectriMax not only saves companies thousands of dollars annually in refrigeration operation costs, but it also saves companies from stiff TRU emission penalties and fines because it is exempt from ARB's (the California Air Resources Board) Transport Refrigeration Unit Air Toxic Control Measure (TRU ATCM).”

Johnson's all-electric refrigeration systems virtually eliminate emissions. All-electric refrigeration has no integral internal combustion engine, no diesel fuel, no particulate matter emissions, and no noise. The absence of diesel fuel alone significantly reduces annual operational costs. Low maintenance and long system life contribute to additional operational savings.

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