Hackney’s New Express Vending Body Targets Micro-Markets

Hackney has launched a new vending body targeting the micro-market and pre-kit vending markets.

Hackney has launched a new vending body targeting the micro-market and pre-kit vending markets. 

The Express features all-side access utilizing Hackney’s aluminum rollup door design and locking system.  Offered in two standard body lengths, ranging from four-bay to six-bay configurations, the Express also features adjustable horizontal shelving allowing the customer to modify the bays to meet various tote sizes and drink capacities.

Advancements in software solutions and the addition of micro-market services have allowed vending companies to evolve new growth models, but little attention has been paid to the equipment used to distribute the product.  The Express was thus specially designed to allow operators to maximize their investment and improve the efficiency of their route drivers.

Depending on the tote size, the Express can carry up to 40 totes and 80 cases of 20 ounce bottles in its smallest body size.  Larger body sizes accommodates routes with above average stops or heavy drink routes, while also allowing room for coolers.

“Vending companies are investing tens of thousands of dollars in technology to decrease order fulfillment costs but are not seeing all the savings possible as the efficiencies are not being translated to the distribution vehicle,” said Richard Ball, Hackney’s director of marketing. “The Express is designed around increasing route driver efficiency.  It capitalizes on technology to reap benefits such as more stops, reduced routes, fuel savings, and potentially fewer vehicles.”

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