FINN Titan HydroSeeder FINN
FINN redesigned the Titan HydroSeeder to improve user experience and boost performance.

FINN reveals new equipment, including updated HydroSeeder

FINN Corporation, a provider of erosion control equipment, recently revealed new equipment, including the “revolutionary” Titan HydroSeeder, MBH6 and MBX Material Blowers and patent-pending Longshot nozzle.

FINN debuted the HydroSeeder in 1953, and with the machine’s re-launch, FINN says it is redefining the category with increased performance and more power and productivity. Titan HT330/400 machines were redesigned to improve overall user experience, while simultaneously boosting performance and productivity.

“This new machine is a real game-changer in the industry,” said Matt Hoffman, vice president of sales, marketing and customer service at FINN. “We talked to scores of users to solicit input as part of our design process and we conducted extensive research with a wide variety of materials to develop advanced features to create the best machine possible. With contractors’ needs as our primary focus in development, we have designed a machine with unique features that are required for today’s landscaping and erosion control market.”

The new Titan features FINN’s Integrinder, a processing system that includes shredding paddles contained within the tank, a water curtain that mitigates airborne mulch during the mixing process, and helical agitators that reduce vibration and eliminate dead zones while mixing. This new system provides up to a 42% faster load time, allowing operators to be more efficient.

FINN MBH6 Material Blower

FINN MBH6 Material Blower

The Titan also provides increased material storage on the deck, long-life agitator bearings, easy maintenance with centralized lubrication points and features that improve communication between driver and operator. For those who want more flexibility and versatility, units can be ordered with either a centrifugal or vortex pump, or with both for convenient field interchangeability. Equipped with a 173-horsepower Tier IV Final John Deere water-cooled, turbo-diesel engine and electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system, the new Titan provides maximum performance, power and productivity.

With the launch of the new material blowers, FINN says it’s rebranding the Bark Blowers to better reflect the wide range of landscaping materials the new machines can process.

“The MBH6 and MBX are designed to be versatile and reliable and to effectively handle many different types of materials, including bark mulch, playground chips, compost and a variety of soil blends,” Hoffman said. “The MBH6 is a midsize blower that can hold 6 cubic yards of material and does not require a CDL license to operate. The MBX is designed for extreme duty and can be configured to hold up to 10, 16 or 22 yards of material while blowing more than 24 cubic yards of material per hour.”

Both material blowers feature multi-lingual control system capabilities and save users time, labor and money, including a reduction up to 25% or more in material costs compared to manual application, FINN claimed. Both systems feature a centralized lubrication system for easy access and maintenance, convenient hydraulically powered hose reels and a radio remote with visible set points for engine/blower speed and feeder speed.


With its new hydrostatically driven engine, the MBX unit now offers immediate engine response, allowing users more precise application around delicate landscaping features such as flowers and tree rings.

In conjunction with the revamped Titan, FINN introduced the Longshot nozzle, which is specifically designed for hydromulch materials, delivering a spray distance of more than 360 feet—40-plus more than other systems, FINN said. The Longshot is ideal for large hydroseeding projects such as highway, fire and mine reclamation, and post-construction on commercial sites.

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