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International Truck introduces high-visibility HV Series

Oct. 7, 2019
International introduced a new configuration for its all-wheel drive HV Series that features a high-visibility hood.

International Truck recently introduced a new configuration for its all-wheel drive HV Series that features a high-visibility hood and set-back axle, which the company says allows for improved visibility and maneuverability.

“Our customers are truly at the center of everything we do,” said Mark Stasell, vice president of Navistar’s vocational truck business. “We’re constantly working with them to find the best solutions for their business. We received customer feedback requesting improved visibility and maneuverability with vocational fleets, so we immediately started working on plans to make it a reality.

“The HV Series … is a direct result of those discussions and of listening to our customers.”

The high-visibility hood and set-back axle are important for the vocational industry, especially for utility companies working in remote areas where a 4x4 chassis and maximum maneuverability are necessary, International maintained. In addition, the new configuration provides an added level of safety around the vehicle.

“While the performance improvements are obvious, this configuration also helps improve safety around the worksite,” Stasell said. “Safety is always a top concern, and the improved visibility provides the driver with better awareness of what, and who, is around the vehicle; improving the safety of the driver, the vehicle and everyone on site.”

International said the new configuration is intended to improve its presence in the vocational market. Earlier this year, the company launched its Diamond Partner Program, which focuses on building stronger relationships and communication between truck equipment manufacturers and International dealers.

Since its launch in March, the program has accumulated more than 130 partners, International claimed.

“International is not sitting back; we have the best products and the best vocational team in the industry,” Stasell said. “We are hard at work, listening to our customers and stakeholders to constantly improve. We’re extremely excited to have this configuration now available for our customers, and we have a number of other exciting things in the pipeline to continue our journey to becoming the premiere partner for the vocational truck industry.”

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