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E-ONE introduces TITAN 6x6 rescue vehicle

Aug. 17, 2018
E-ONE, a REV Group brand, recently introduced its new TITAN 6x6 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle.

Fire apparatus manufacturer E-ONE, a REV Group brand, recently introduced its new TITAN 6x6 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle.

The TITAN 6x6 is the second configuration in E-ONE’s debut line of ARFF products. With the 6x6 configuration and its new, optional, 65-foot-high reach extendable turret (HRET), the TITAN 6x6 EXT offers additional capabilities and performance for today’s first responders.

“The new TITAN series has been capturing customer attention since the introduction of our 4x4 configuration in January 2018,” said Dan Peters, president of REV Group’s fire division. “The launch of the TITAN 6x6 and 6x6 EXT versions represents our unwavering commitment to the global ARFF market and our mission to provide the most reliable vehicle for airport fire departments.

“I’m proud of the teamwork and commitment that drove this project. We recently booked orders for (five) units from different locations in the Asia Pacific region, further validating that the new TITAN offers technologies and functionality that meets fire department needs, worldwide.”

With a core focus on safety, reliability, functional design and the goal of delivering a product that provides a more advanced way to respond, the new TITAN series offers industry-leading performance in measurable categories including acceleration, braking, dynamic stability and pumping performance.

The E-ONE TITAN 6x6 and 6x6 EXT provide increased:

  • STORAGE with an unmatched total of 320 cubic feet including a full transverse compartment
  • OPTIONS with the E-ONE 65-foot extendable turret with telescopic dry chemical tube and the 250-gallon-per-minute (gpm) ultra-motion fuselage penetration device
  • KNOCKDOWN with 3,000-gpm pump, electronic foam proportioning with patented ECOLOGIC calibration system, a high-flow extendable turret device rated at 1,500 gpm and the low-attack, high-flow 750-gpm RHINO bumper turret with dry chemical discharge
  • POWER with an available Scania 770-horsepower engine that provides 2,215 foot-pounds of torque for greater acceleration
  • CONTROL and better braking performance with a variable-rate coil spring v-link suspension with standard front and rear sway-bars and 17-inch disc brakes
  • PAYLOAD capacity with 3,300 gallons of water and 500 pounds of auxiliary agent
  • SERVICEABILITY with a redesigned rear body providing ground-level maintenance access from either side, as well as the rear engine compartment of the vehicle