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Morgan Olson donates step van to United Way

Aug. 30, 2023
The truck body manufacturer recently donated a step van to a community organization in Sturgis, Michigan

Morgan Olson recently donated a community support response vehicle to the St. Joseph County United Way to celebrate the 20th year of operation at Morgan Olson's step van production facility in Sturgis, Michigan.

"All our Morgan Olson team members work very hard building the step vans you see daily on every street throughout America,” said Mike Ownbey, Morgan Olson's president and CEO. “This particular step van we're donating today is the first community support response vehicle of its kind and will help the United Way help our community." Ownbey concluded.

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Larry Palmer, Morgan Olson’s vice president of sales, further described the partnerships that needed to align for the company’s donation to the St. Joseph County united Way.

"I've been working for years to provide a solution for this United Way Support vehicle, and now with the generous donation of this MT-45 FCCC chassis from of our friends at Freightliner Custom Chassis, the Morgan Olson team of bodybuilders, electrical engineers, R&D technicians, paint experts, and decal artists went to work building this highly customized, purpose-built step van to exceed the United Way's expectations,” said Palmer.

"At FCCC, we've always been strong believers in giving back to the communities we serve, and the same goes for supporting our partners in their same efforts," said Freightliner Custom Chassis president and CEO. "We are proud to help the great team at Morgan Olson through their donation of this vehicle to the United Way of St. Joseph County."

According to Hassan Hammoud, president and CEO of the Michigan Association of United Way, the donated step van will help St. Joseph County United Way more effectively deliver community services to the local community. Such services include youth education, nutrition services, and shelter services.

The Morgan Olson team handed the keys to the new step van to Kelly Hostetler, the executive director of the St. Joseph County United Way, at a local event.

 "We appreciate the generosity of Morgan Olson and Freightliner Custom Chassis,” Hostetler said. “One-third of the gifts we receive as an organization are raised from community events. This vehicle allows us to be event-ready, keep our boots on the ground, and engage in the community. To have it donated by the partnership between Morgan Olson and Freightliner Customer Chassis is a dream come true for the United Way and our community.”

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