Certrusoft Morgan Truck Body 062923
Certrusoft Morgan Truck Body 062923
Certrusoft Morgan Truck Body 062923
Certrusoft Morgan Truck Body 062923
Certrusoft Morgan Truck Body 062923

Certusoft Inc. launches Morgan Truck Body build-your-own truck

June 30, 2023
The new virtual builder aims to grant customers increased flexibility when customizing their truck bodies

Certusoft Inc., a visualization and engineering company for the vehicle industry, launched its Build-Your-Truck (BYT) cloud application for Morgan Truck Body, a manufacturer of light- and medium-duty truck bodies. The new application enables Morgan to provide buyers with the ability to configure a customized Morgan body on their preferred chassis using interactive 3D software and request a quote 24 hours a day.

“Morgan Truck Body partnered with Certusoft to launch their custom Build-Your-Truck cloud application to address our customers’ need for flexibility and customization,” said Tom Diez, sr. vice president of sales and marketing, Morgan Truck Body. “While our customer sales team is always available with personal support, the application adds a user-friendly and efficient way for our customers to design and configure their bodies, resulting in an accurate and customized product.”

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Certusoft's BYT application aims to enhance the design experience for customers by providing a fast and enjoyable real-time configuration process. Users can quickly and easily configure different designs of Morgan bodies within seconds through a web browser. The 3D view of the truck is immediately updated whenever an option is selected, allowing users to examine the truck from all angles by rotating it 360 degrees, zooming in and out, or panning.

The application offers flexibility in selecting the chassis from various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and allows users to choose their preferred chassis length or body length. The software automatically matches the body to the chassis.  In addition to chassis customization, users can personalize the truck's exterior and interior options according to their preferences.

Certusoft's BYT software ensures the accuracy of the configured truck bodies by performing compatibility checks. Once the configuration is complete, users can send the details to Morgan Truck Body to request a quote for their customized truck body.

The BYT Configurator is available at morgancorp.clik-byt.com. For more information, please visit certusoft.com

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