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Lightning eMotors launches next-gen Lightning ZEV4 work trucks

June 21, 2023
The EV manufacturer and technology provider are offering their new electric work trucks for several applications ranging from box trucks to cargo delivery vehicles.

Lightning eMotors, a manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission, medium-duty commercial vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) technology, is launching its next generation General Motors (GM)-based Lightning ZEV4 work trucks.

Lightning is offering the ZEV4 for several vehicle applications, including, but not limited to box trucks, stake bed trucks, utility trucks, dump bed trucks, and daily work/landscaping trucks, in addition to cargo delivery vehicles, shuttle buses, school buses, and more.

“Success in the commercial vehicle electrification market frequently revolves around providing customized products to meet the specific use cases of customers. This is where we have carved our niche,” said Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser. “The fact that our trusted ZEV4 platforms can be built to accommodate such a broad set of applications is a huge benefit to our customers and positions Lightning well to be the vehicle manufacturer of choice for the growing medium-duty commercial vehicle market.”

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The Lightning ZEV4 model comes equipped with 120 kWh batteries located within the frame rails, delivering 241 horsepower, 790 lb.-ft. of torque, and up to 130 miles of range as well as improved weight distribution for better handling and improved safety, the company stated. The Lightning ZEV4 is capable of Level 2 AC and 80kW DC fast charging.

To help accelerate fleet vehicle electrification efforts, a number of state and federal level funding programs are available across North America to help offset the cost significantly.

“There has never been a better time for Class 4 work truck operators to upgrade their fleets to zero-emission vehicle technology,” said Lightning eMotors CRO Kash Sethi. “Aggressive funding programs – many of which can be stacked to optimize both purchase subsidies and tax incentives – combined with advanced data tracking and insights capabilities and the reliability and proven performance of our GM-based Lightning ZEV4 create a near-perfect environment for operators to act.”

Lightning’s ZEV4 platform is compatible with a variety of bodies from manufacturers including, but not limited to, Knapheide, Rockport Trucks, Brown Industries, and Morgan Corporation. At current production volumes, ZEV4 work trucks are typically available for delivery four-to-six months from the order date.

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