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Monroe Truck Equipment introduces versatile, compact service truck

May 20, 2020
DTS Metro is a live-floor, multi-purpose dump body with left-front discharge capability designed for 19,000-pound GVW chassis

Monroe Truck Equipment recently introduced the DTS Metro, a compact service truck sized to fall below CDL requirements while still providing versatility for a range of applications. 

The DTS Metro is an all-season, live-floor, multi-purpose body specifically designed for chassis with a gross vehicle weight of 19,000 pounds or more. The body features a standard dump-body design with a double-acting tailgate while incorporating a live conveyor on the left side. This allows for a left-front discharge location of material, permitting the main framework of the body to remain in a lowered position.

With the floor tipped toward the left side, the material is directed into the conveyor and then into the spinner to spread material. This design helps keep a low center of gravity, while also discharging material in front of the chassis drive tires for maximum traction and greater vehicle stability, the company said.

The left side of the body can be lowered to give access to the interior of the body. The conveyor is multi-purpose. It can be used to discharge material year-round, including salt/sand, dirt, mulch and small gravel. A berm chute can be used in place of the spinner for more direct placement of material. Having the discharge at the left front gives the driver a visual of material usage and placement.

The stainless-steel body construction guarantees years of use without the worry of deterioration, and the live floor is designed for rigorous application, Monroe added. Though the body design is not new to the market, the incorporation of the live floor and fold-down side revolutionizes the vehicle. The DTS Metro offers more versatility than any other similar body style on the market.