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Royal adds Side Dump safety

March 16, 2020
New tech, SmithCo body designed to deliver extra efficiency, additional worker protection through ‘crash cushion'

Royal Truck & Equipment is putting a new angle on traditional dump trucks with its Side Dump TMA, which it designed to add efficiency and safety to dumping operations in work zones.

The Side Dump TMA truck features a SmithCo dump body that can dump to either side, improving ease-of-operation when unloading and speeding up cycle times. The attached MASH approved attenuator, or “crash cushion,” provides additional protection for crews by acting as a buffer if a motorist inadvertently enters the work zone.

“We’re always trying to find more effective ways to improve safety in highway work zones,” said Rob Roy, president of Royal Truck. “We saw this collaboration with the industry’s leader in side-dump technology as an opportunity to help further that mission …. especially when our companies share the same level of commitment to quality and innovation in our respective industries.”

The Side Dump TMA boasts several key features that contribute to improving sweeping operations and worker safety, including:

  • Side Dump body tilts side-to-side, making it more stable and versatile than other types of dump trailers
  • Scorpion TL-3 MASH Approved Attenuator provides the cushion needed to absorb impact from another impacting vehicle
  • Hydraulic Arrow Board provides a visual cue to approaching motorists to move over
  • Enclosed Flatbed with Swing Racks provide a safe storage space for traffic control equipment

According to Roy, TMA trucks are required in many states for street sweeping operations to provide protection for the street sweeper truck and the dump truck. The Side Dump TMA eliminates the need for this third truck by combining the functionality of a dump truck with the security of a TMA truck. The attenuator, which is attached to the back of the side dump, provides protection, while allowing workers to easily dump debris from the sweeper truck into the side dump body.

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