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NATM releases 2019 Convention & Trade Show agenda

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers recently released its 2019 Convention & Trade show agenda, which includes multiple workshops, technical forums and informative sessions like “Emerging Trends in Trailering.”

Attendees with full registrations may attend all events at the convention, including the educational workshop sessions and networking events, with the exception of the golf tournament. Booth workers or those with a trade show-only registration may want to consider upgrading to a full registration if they wish to attend the educational sessions and all of the networking events.

The educational workshops for 2019 were carefully selected for both trailer manufacturers and suppliers. This year, the convention will offer four different educational workshops February 19-20 in Lake Buena Vista FL.

The workshops are as follows:

  • Workshop One (Feb. 19, 9:30-11 am)
    Strengthen Your Business by Integrating Quality into the Process
    Grace L. Duffy, ASQ Quality Management Division
    Quality is something we do every day. The business runs better when we use the elements of quality for planning, managing and improving products and services. We don’t just make products better, we improve the way our business increases profits and reduces expenses. This session shares how to start an integrated quality management system from scratch. It focuses on small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • Workshop Two (Feb. 19, 1:30-3 pm)
    Government Affairs Update
    Darrell Conner, K&L Gates
    NATM Government Affair Representative Darrell Conner will provide an update on NATM’s work in Washington D.C., congressional activities and federal agency efforts. Plus, a recap of past activities and a look ahead at what to expect in 2019.
  • Workshop Three (Feb. 20, 8-11 am)
    Practical Recruiting & Retention Strategies
    Tracey Goold, Marsh & McLennan Agency
    Let’s get real about recruiting and retention! We can all do research on benchmark data that improves recruiting and retention but how does that actually fit in to your specific company, culture, and business plan? We know that compensation and benefits are important but not everything. Also, increasing compensation and/or benefits is not always practical. Join us for an engaging discussion about practical tips that will make a difference in how you recruit and retain your star players, including two to five action items you can implement as soon as you return from the convention.
  • Workshop Three (Feb. 20, 8-11 am)
    Health Insurance: Cost Control & Association Health Plan Strategy
    Lisa Clark and John Kerr, Marsh & McLennan Agency
    It’s no secret that health care costs are rising. Pharmaceutical costs and use, new, expensive medical technology, chronic care and provider consolidation are factors contributing to increasing costs. As costs increase, frustration grows for health insurance buyers and the consumers of health care in our nation. Advances in medical technology and expanded pharmaceutical dependency will only grow and continue to drive your health care costs higher. So what is a business owner to do? How can consumers of health insurance better manage the costs of the benefit they are providing?
    Association Health Plans (AHPs) will allow businesses to join together through an Association (NATM) to form a larger, more influential buying pool for the purchase of health insurance. This leverage should allow the AHP to negotiate more aggressive insurance pricing as well as the cost of administering those plans. Join Lisa Clark and John Kerr with Marsh & McLennan Agency to learn more about NATM’s forthcoming AHP.

*Workshop times and content are subject to change.

Looking for technically oriented education opportunities? Plan on attending the Technical Forum, which features these sessions:

  • Technical Forum One (Feb. 19, 9:30-11 a.m.)
    Trailer Brakes and Suspensions for Light- and Medium-Duty Trailers
    Bill Snider, Dexter Axle Company
    Join Dexter Product Training Manager Bill Snider as he discusses electric, electric over hydraulic, surge hydraulic, and air brakes in both drum and disk applications. The forum will cover advantages, design, manufacturing differences, and recommendations for operation and maintenance of the different brake options. Snider will also explore trailer axle suspension applications that utilize leaf spring or torsion elements including the effects of suspension travel, loading, alignment and tire wear, as well as operational and maintenance considerations.
  • Technical Forum Two (Feb. 19, 1:30-3 pm)
    A New Generation of Trailer Brakes
    Todd Brinkman, General Motors
    What would it take to stop a truck and trailer in the same distance as a truck alone? Join Todd Brinkman from General Motors to find out!
  • Technical Forum Three (Feb. 20, 8-11 am)
    Successful Application of Arc Welding Robotics
    Brian Doyle, Miller Welding Automation & Mike Mueller, B&W Trailer Hitches
    This presentation is intended to help those new to automation and the seasoned user apply arc welding robotics successfully, and use the technology to improve their quality, throughput, and costs. Real world examples will be used to illustrate the concepts presented.

Other informative sessions:

  • Emerging Trends in Trailering
    Colin Holthaus, NATM
    Join NATM Technical Director Colin Holthaus as he provides an update on towing trends, including both tow vehicle and trailer technology advancements such as the “smart trailer,” advanced towing features and more.
  • Your Tire Recordkeeping Obligations—Practical Guidance for Compliance 
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has indicated an increased interest in compliance with tire recordkeeping regulations. Regulations can be confusing and the roles of tire suppliers, trailer manufacturers and dealers in the process is complex. A panel of industry experts including a former FMCSA Administrator, tire suppliers, trailer manufacturers and industry EWR and Recall consultant, along with the NATM technical director will describe the regulations, possible compliance practices and answer questions from industry attendees. 

*All workshops and forums are subject to change.


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