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Range Energy, Thermo King partner on EV refrigerated trailers

May 10, 2024
The collaboration involves integrating Range's electric trailer platform with Thermo King's TRUs and electric TRUs

Range Energy and Thermo King are collaborating to advance the commercialization of electric refrigerated trailers in the Americas.

“Accelerating the commercial adoption of electric trailers is essential to helping fleet owners and operators meet emerging emissions reduction goals and mandates,” said Ali Javidan, CEO and founder, Range. “Working with Thermo King to advance electric refrigerated trailers marks significant progress in the electrification of commercial trucking, providing a near-term and pragmatic solution for fleets of today and tomorrow.”

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With a shared pursuit to make commercial trucking cleaner, safer, and more efficient, this collaboration enables the companies to align on an electric trailer technology system, including integrating Range’s electric trailer platform with Thermo King's hybrid trailer refrigeration units (TRUs) and electric TRUs. The integration process will also include extensive testing, customer pilots, and the public demonstration of an electric refrigerated trailer.

“Thermo King’s commitment to sustainability and decarbonization is only matched by our drive to provide customers with the solutions they need,” said Chris Tanaka, vice president product management, Thermo King Americas. “With that comes integrating innovative technologies, like Range’s electric trailer platform, that can help us deliver more efficient and reliable transportation solutions while keeping transported food and perishables safe and fresh. Range is an early mover in trailer electrification, and we believe this partnership has the potential to contribute significantly to the acceleration of our industry’s decarbonization efforts.”

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