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Volvo Trucks returns to Krone for high-quality trailers

July 29, 2019
Volvo Trucks in the UK and Ireland recently returned to Krone to obtain new trailers.

Volvo Trucks in the United Kingdom and Ireland recently returned to Krone to obtain new trailers for its demonstration and support fleet.

Two Krone Dry Liners, both fully loaded to 44 tons gross vehicle weight (GVW), will be used by Martin Tomlinson, Volvo’s head of media and product demonstration, and his team for events, customer test drives and PR/photography assignments.

“The reason we return to Krone is because of the high build quality and finish, which match our specific demands,” Tomlinson said. “Our relationship with the UK team also plays a big part as they are easy to deal with and manage my expectations every time.

“(There is) no need to look elsewhere.”

Volvo recently took delivery of a tandem-axle Krone City Liner to test urban routes in London, and before that, a Krone Profi Liner curtainsider was successfully used to trial a limited-edition FH16-750 from Gothenburg to the tip of Scotland, Krone said.

“It’s an easy choice,” Martin said. “The Krone quality ethic is comparable to our own uncompromisingly high standard of product with a premium service to match. As always, with Krone, in both respects we know where we stand.”

Manufactured in Herzlake, Germany, the Dry Liner is designed for UK/European operational flexibility, with up to 2,800 millimeters (110 inches) of internal loading achievable with a 1,250-millimeter (49-inch) fifth wheel height in the UK and Ireland, the company said.

The trailer also includes a 10-year guarantee against perforation corrosion and suitability for export at the end of term.

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