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LSS returns to Ekeri for high-cube, side-loading security

June 12, 2019
Ekeri recently delivered a high-cube EXIII EKERI to Logistical Support Services.

Finnish trailer manufacturer Ekeri, which specializes in side-door trailers, recently delivered a high-cube EXIII EKERI to Logistical Support Services (LSS), which purchased its first Ekeri trailer nearly 10 years ago, in December 2009.

Ekeri says the new EXIII is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, and possibly all of Europe.

Phil Stone, managing director at LSS, said the company was so impressed with its first Ekeri trailers, two single side-loading box trailers that were ADR compliant and designed for carrying ADR Class 1 cargoes, that it purchased four double side-opening trailers in following years, giving it the largest commercial Ekeri fleet in the UK.

“The first trailers are 10 years old,” Stone said. “And quite literally, (they) look the same as the day they were delivered. Almost no problems at all and virtually maintenance free.”

Ekeri said it expects to deliver another trailer in August, giving LSS seven side-opening trailers in its 30-vehicle fleet.

“As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.” Stone said. “Spend a bit more up front for the superb build quality, but save over the long term on maintenance and general running costs. Plus, as all our work is for the defense industry, these highly secure trailers are ideal. We have the loading versatility of a curtainsider, but with the security of a box trailer and more.”

Trailer security is key to LSS, so the company also fits each Ekeri trailer with EkeGuard, Ekeri’s “high-security” telematics system.

“GPS tracking enables us to monitor any unauthorized intrusions,” Stone said. “Also, each trailer has remote central locking and alarms. Even if someone did manage to penetrate our trailer security—which is most unlikely—we would know about it right away.”

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