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NATM selects new board of directors, 2019 committees

Feb. 1, 2019
NATM recently announced its newly elected board of directors for 2019-2022 and its 2019 committees.

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) recently announced its newly elected board of directors for 2019-2022 and its 2019 committees.

Newly elected board members

Joel Bauer | Midsota Manufacturing

Midsota Mfg, a manufacturer of specialty utility trailers, has been an NATM member since 2001. Bauer has been in the trailer industry for 18 years, 14 of those serving as owner and company president of Midsota. In 2017, Bauer received the NATM Young Professional Award. He's been a regular attendee of the NATM Annual Convention and has experience serving as a board member, including 3 years on the board of his church, serving as treasurer for three of those years, as well as serving 1 1/2 years on the city planning commission. When asked about his qualifications, Bauer said, "I believe my history owning and growing Midsota Manufacturing Inc over 14 years with three different business partners will bode well for my input to the NATM in both the trailer manufacturing industry and working closely with others that may have a different view point to obtain common goals for the association."

Carl Maxey | MGS Incorporated

MGS Incorporated-Fort Collins (formerly Maxey Mfg), a manufacturer of specialty utility trailers, has been a member of NATM since 1994. Maxey's previous board experience includes the NATM Board of Directors (2001-2008), Colorado Motor Carriers Association and Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. Over the course of his experience in the trailer manufacturing industry, Maxey has served as operations manager, general manager, vice president and Colorado operations general manager. A regular attendee of the NATM Convention and Regulatory Roundup, Maxey also served on the Executive and Government Affairs committee as well as NATM president. In 2009, Maxey was awarded the NATM Outstanding Member Award. When asked to elaborate on his qualifications, Maxey said "I am very experienced with the multiple levels of challenges trailer manufacturers confront daily, the many issues that the industry will face in the year ahead (skilled labor shortage, supply chain disruption), and I have the passion to serve the industry."

Re-elected board members

Patrick Jennissen | Felling Trailers

Felling Trailers, a manufacturer of dump, equipment, utility and landscape trailers among others, has been a member of NATM since 1995. Jennissen, Felling's VP of sales/marketing, has served on numerous board, including an elementary school board and the NATM Board of Directors from 2013-2018. Jennissen received the NATM Young Entrepreneur award in 2013, and has chaired the Marketing and Finance committees as well as serving on the Government Affairs, Government Affairs Outreach, and Nominations committees. Jennissen has served as the treasurer, vice president, and president on the NATM Board of Directors. He is a regular attendee of the NATM Convention and annual Regulatory Roundup. When asked about his qualifications to serve, Jennissen said, "My experience within my organization, NATM as well as other organizations and the construction equipment industry has given me a balanced and broad perspective to the issues and the opportunities that face NATM going into the future."

Josh Johnson | Big Tex Trailers

Big Tex, a manufacturer of utility, horse, livestock, and cargo trailers, has been a member of NATM since 1993. Johnson serves as VP of manufacturing support for Big Tex and was elected to his first term on the NATM Board in 2016. Prior to his work at Big Tex, Johnson worked at Priefert Mfg, an associate member of the association and a steel supplier to the trailer manufacturing industry. Along with board participation, Johnson has served on the technical, guidelines, nominations, convention and technology committees. He has also played an integral role in garnering involvement of other Big Tex employees with NATM committees and programming. When asked about his qualifications, Johnson said, "I feel that because of my experiences in all levels of Big Tex's operations and past involvement with NATM I will be a valued members of the NATM Board of Directors for the good of the entire trailer industry."

Rick Coffey | The Carlstar Group

The Carlstar Group, a supplier of tires and wheels, has been a member of NATM since 2001. The Carlstar Group, formerly Carlisle, has been a long-time exhibitor of the NATM Convention and Trade Show as well as longtime sponsor of the event. Coffey's history in the industry includes roles as sales and warehouse manager at Dico Tire and Titan Tire, as well as ST product manager at Carlisle Tire, aftermarket sales manager, and North American OEM sales manager. Coffey originally was elected to the Board of Directors in 2005. After going off the board, he was re-appointed in 2012 to fill the term of a resigning associate member. He was elected again in 2016. During his tenure with NATM, Coffey has served on the executive, convention, membership and nominations committees, as well as chair of the marketing committee. He is a regular attendee at the Regulatory Roundup and Hill Visits as well as annual convention. When asked about his qualifications for the role, Coffey cited his knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as his commitment to serve in the best interest of NATM members.

2019 NATM committees



  • Josh Johnson, Big Tex Trailers*
  • Jim Berry, Dexter Axle
  • Patrick Jennissen, Felling Trailers
  • Charles Lange, Legend Mfg
  • Richard Lavanture, LaVanture Products
  • Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers
  • Carl Maxey, MGS Incorporated
  • Owen Shelton, Boatmate Trailers



  • Jim Berry, Dexter Axle*
  • Robert Roden, H.E. Parmer Co*
  • Brent Freel, KampCo Steel Products
  • Pat Jennissen, Felling Trailers
  • Josh Johnson, Big Tex Trailers
  • Brian Jones, Champion Hoist & Equip
  • Marty Lorick, Triple Crown Trailers
  • Stacey Miller, Dexter Axle
  • Joe Ostrowski, Kenda/Americana
  • Dustin Smith, Optronics
  • Greg Snyder, CAR MATE Trailers
  • Ron Yarnell, PPG


  • Buck Hataway, Axalta*
  • Joel Bauer, Midsota Mfg
  • Brent Bystrom, 3M
  • Shaun Douglass, Optronics
  • Michael Etheridge, Wylie Mfg
  • Stephen Houston, Vitracoat
  • Eric Kazmierzak, Laclede Chain
  • Justin Kurth, Tracker Marine
  • Gary Sale, Diamond Vogel
  • Greg Snyder, CAR MATE Trailers
  • Brian Wise, BWise Mfg

Government affairs

  • Leo Akins, Forest River*
  • Chris Connington, Hopkins Mfg/TAG
  • Charles Daugherty, Red Fern Dynamics
  • Les Eaves, Delta Trailers
  • Andy Gehman, MGS Incorporated
  • Pat Jennissen, Felling Trailers
  • Brett Johnson, Oprtonics
  • John Kerr, Marsh and McLennan
  • Lucas Landis, ATC Trailers
  • Mike Lemrick, Gem State Mfg
  • Dustin Miller, Cross Trailers
  • Jake Morrison, H&H Trailers
  • Ty Scott, Hydrastar
  • Joe Steinberger, BWise Mfg
  • Don Taylor, Brakequip
  • Jacob Woodard, Manus Products


  • Stacey Miller, Dexter Axle*
  • Johnathan Bradley, Big Tex Trailers
  • Rebecca Gerads, Felling Trailers
  • Ryan Griesemer, Ridewell Suspensions
  • Jeff Jones, Statistical Surveys
  • John Kerr, Marsh and McLennan
  • Tary Krahenbuhl, Austin Hardware
  • Cary Kronebusch, Peerless Industrial Group
  • Amanda Seabaugh, Ryerson
  • Catherine Shaw, North West Rubber Ltd


  • Marcus Hester, Optronics*
  • Cary Loeser, Automotive International*
  • Joel Bauer, Midsota Mfg
  • Rick Coffey, Carlstar Group
  • Andrew Douglass, Rumber Materials
  • Mike Lloyd, Aluma
  • Chris Pokornowski, Towmaster
  • Ami Stombaugh, Taskmaster Components
  • Michael Swedak, WC Manufacturing & Specialty Co
  • Robert Tsas, AkzoNobel Coatings



  • David Mihalick, Bison Coach LLC*
  • Lyle Berning, Nove Corp
  • Jon Devitt, Midwest Industries
  • Fred Dosmann, Dec-O-Art
  • Nick Dorfer, BrakeQuip
  • Nick Gamby, TexTrail Trailer Parts
  • Randy Gressley, Big Tex Trailer Mfg
  • Taylor Jones, B&W Trailer Hitches
  • Tom Kaufman, Hillsboro Industries
  • Tim Lammers, Demco
  • Bryce McIntyre, American Eagle Accessories Group
  • Randy McMann, Dexter Axle
  • Shannon Papa, U-Haul
  • Owen Shelton, BoatMate Trailers 
  • Brandon Starkey, EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers
  • Luis Vendrell, U-Haul


  • Lyle Berning, Novae Corp*
  • Willie Bauer, CAR MATE Trailers
  • Paul Feight, MGS Incorporated
  • Rick Huddleston, Ranger Boats
  • Erik Ohlsson, Optronics
  • Paul Murphy, MVSCS
  • Dan Presley, Big Tex Trailer Mfg
  • Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers


  • Marco Garcia, U-Haul*
  • Ellis Breskman, Z Tech
  • Elton Cordell, Lippert Components
  • Jonathan Gravell, Truck System Technologies
  • Jeff Gray, ASA Electronics
  • Kirk Hawkins, 3M
  • Daniel Luby, BoatMate Trailers
  • Rod Ludwig, Midwest Industries
  • Dave McKee, BWise Mfg
  • Todd Brinkman, GM
  • Mark Leonard, EFI Global
  • Stephen Robertson, Toyota
  • Ray Smith, RS Supply LLC
  • Nathan Uphus, Felling Trailers
  • Jamie Wenger, Royal Adhesives & Sealants

*committee chair