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Utility 'strongly' recommends 7-in. ICC bumper for older trailer retrofit

Jan. 29, 2021
The trailer manufacturer will discount the new bumpers as an incentive to upgrade in order to exceed all rear trailer guard safety regulations

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. reports that its dry vans, refrigerated vans and flatbeds produced after 2002 can be retrofitted with Utility’s standard 7” deep horizontal Interstate Commerce Commission (I.C.C.) bumper.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently proposed to include the rear impact guard on the list of items that need to be examined during a commercial vehicle’s annual inspection. Utility strongly recommends their 7” deep horizontal bumper for horizontal bumper replacement on new or older Utility trailer models that were built after 2002 in order to exceed all rear trailer guard safety regulations. Utility will discount the new bumpers as an incentive to replace the old bumpers with the new upgraded 7” deep bumper.

Utility’s rear impact guard I.C.C. bumper complies with United States D.O.T and Transport Canada regulations. The current 7” deep replacement horizontal rear bumper comes in a variety of configurations including stainless steel, bolt-on, and a wider dock lock notch reinforcement, according to the company. The dock lock reinforcement plate also provides 2” of additional clearance that will help increase dock lock stability and provide extra clearance for some specific docks with limited dock lock clearance.

Utility’s 7” deep rear impact guard is also I.I.H.S. certified and TUFF Guard awarded. TUFF Guard awards trailers with guards that prevent underride in all three of the institute’s rear underride tests—full-width, 50% overlap and 30% overlap.

For additional information on the rear impact guard, contact your local Utility dealer. To learn more about Utility Trailer Manufacturing, visit www.utilitytrailer.com.