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Stealth Lippert Infinity Sidewall Stealth

Stealth partners with Lippert for Infinity Sidewall exteriors

Stealth Enterprises, a U.S. builder of cargo and specialty trailers, recently formed a partnership with Lippert Components Incorporated to provide new Infinity Sidewall composite products as an optional exterior skin on 2020 models.  

The Infinity Sidewall is a seamless fiberglass composite panel installed as the exterior skin of the trailer to provide a smooth, high-gloss look, Stealth said. Unlike metal and other composite materials, the Infinity Sidewall composite is more stable with less expansion than aluminum or other materials to appear smooth in high heat or cold conditions.

The new material comes in one piece and requires no screws or seams, providing a cleaner look than conventional materials.

The panels are UV and fade resistant to prevent warping known as “oil-canning” that aluminum panels experience from heat and direct sunlight. No fasteners required results in no oxidation, cracking or peeling when graphics are applied, Stealth maintained.

Stealth Lippert Infinity Sidewall

“This new Infinity Sidewall material stays flat, and is smooth, high-gloss and seamless,” said Jeffrey Corlett, Stealth’s marketing manager. “It’s the perfect material to apply graphics and full wraps to without having to worry about screws or warping. This new high-gloss material is also much easier to clean and repair while additionally being more scratch and dent resistant than our standard aluminum panels.”

The new Infinity Sidewall currently is available as an optional upgrade in limited lengths of trailers as the product is introduced into the market. 

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