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Thermo King unveils two product launches at ACT Expo

May 23, 2024
The refrigerated transportation technology company announced two new TRUs at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. The company also provided updates on its recent partnerships and customer field trials.

Thermo King is launching two new products in the coming year, the E1000M trailer refrigeration unit (TRU) and the Precedent S-750M TRU in 2024 and 2025. The company announced the two new models at the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

“As a proven leader in temperature control solutions, Thermo King is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the industry,” stated Chris Tanaka, vice president of product management for Thermo King Americas. “By offering solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers at every stage of their sustainability journeys, we aim to transform fleet operations.”

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The E1000M is a multi-temperature, all-electric TRU for Classes 5-7 trucks and is set to launch later in 2024. Meanwhile, the Precedent S-750M is a hybrid-electric TRU that is suited for temperature-controlled trailers to haul multi-temp loads. This TRU is slated to launch in 2025.

Thermo King also provided an update on its partnerships with Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. and Range Energy while at the event. Isuzu showcased an e300 all-electric TRU integration on its all-electric Isuzu NRR EV, while Range Energy featured Thermo King’s Precedent S-610DE trailer with Range’s electric-powered trailer platform. The latter was a demonstration of the two companies’ announcement from earlier in May 2024, when Range Energy and Thermo King announced their collaboration plans to integrate Range’s electric trailer platform with Thermo King’s hybrid TRUs and electric TRUs. Additionally, they plan to produce an electric refrigerated trailer.

Finally, the company released some results from its preliminary customer field trials of its e1000 evolve TRU. Thermo King reported that these trials ran over 2,000 hours, 40,000 miles, and 400 deliveries, with the technology saving 1,200 gallons of fuel and eliminating 34,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions.

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