PSI’s TireView now features new website, telematics partnership

March 4, 2020 offers information about TPMS benefits; integration of Spireon’s FleetLocate delivers actionable intelligence

Pressure Systems International (PSI) recently debuted a new dedicated website for its TireView tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which also recently integrated Spireon’s FleetLocate trailer management solution.

The new TireView website,, features general information about the benefits of tire pressure monitoring and how TireView’s technology delivers expanded tire management solutions for trucks, tractors and trailers. 

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study, the use of tire pressure monitoring systems can improve fuel economy by approximately 1.4%, PSI said. Vehicle operators can visit the website to calculate their own return on investment for TireView based on their individual company profile.

TireView, which boasts a high degree of flexibility, can be run in a closed on-board system or connected to telematics solutions for enhanced fleet management, PSI maintained. It also can be combined with the PSI ATIS for trailers, or other ATIS solutions.

Combined with TireView LIVE—PSI’s analytics platform—commercial fleet operators can review and analyze the health and history of their tires to make well-informed decisions regarding maintenance and replacement intervals.

PSI’s new integration partnership for TireView builds upon Spireon’s Intelligent Trailer Management (ITM) platform to help equip customers with actionable intelligence needed to maximize ROI, Spireon said.

“Tire pressure monitoring systems help carriers extend tire life, reduce uneven wear from under-inflation, decrease maintenance costs and prevent tire-related CSA violations,” said Roni Taylor, senior vice president of strategy and business development at Spireon. “Spireon’s integration with PSI TireView TPMS is an important addition to the ITM platform as it gives customers a comprehensive view of tire health where they manage their entire trailer ecosystem—FleetLocate.”

The FleetLocate/TireView TPMS integration makes it easier for carriers to:

  • See tire pressure, temperature and status for all system-equipped trailers
  • Identify leakage and get ahead of repairs before a failure
  • Create real-time alerts to provide notification of issues

“It’s been great to work side-by-side with Spireon’s product management and engineering teams to bring this seamless integration to market,” said Jim Sharkey, vice president of global sales and marketing for PSI. “Our second integration with Spireon, now you can tie our ATIS in with TPMS, all within FleetLocate.”

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