Utility Trailer Mfg Co provides ALSS, makes new high-impact sidewall lining standard

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company offers the Utility Adjustable Load Securement System (ALSS).

This new tie-down system is another load securement option for Utility's 4000A, Tautliner curtainside trailers and Conestoga 2. ALSS features mechanically fastened side rails, which include integral tie-down and winch tracks. J-Hook tiedowns allow for maximum load securement versatility when used with traditional tiedowns. The system is available in the single 5,500-lb Working Load Limit (WWL) winch J-Hook. Utility has included a storage system allowing for up to 10 J-Hooks to securely lock on each side of the trailer.

The new system can be used with all types of hauls with the exception of coil operation, which Utility plans to make available later in 2011. ALSS is available in all standard flatbeds and dropdecks as an option as well as the Tautliner with the optional pocket spools and rub rail. It will ultimately allow unrestricted load securement from the front to the rear rail.

Utility also announced that the standard sidewall lining has been changed to a “high-impact” bi-directional fiberglass reinforced, polypropylene plastic lining. More durable than traditional FRP linings, this lining is now a standard feature on all Utility refrigerated trailers.

The Utility “high impact” lining has already been included as a standard equipment on the ceiling lining, front wall lining, rear door lining, and sub-pan (underskin). With the inclusion of the side walls, the entire interior and lower sub-pan below the floor is covered with 100% recyclable lining.

Visit www.utilitytrailer.com/dealer-locator to learn more.
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