As opposed to April when all three Indexes dropped in May all three rosemdashISMrsquos PMI from 548 to 549 ISArsquos Manufacturers Index from 580 to 660 and the ISArsquos Distributor Index rose from 585 to 699 Thus it appears that the economic expansion seems to be picking up some steam says the June Economic Indicator Report Industrial Supply Association

As opposed to April, when all three Indexes dropped, in May all three rose—ISM’s PMI from 54.8 to 54.9, ISA’s Manufacturers Index from 58.0 to 66.0 and the ISA’s Distributor Index rose from 58.5 to 69.9. Thus, it appears that the economic expansion seems to be picking up some steam, says the June Economic Indicator Report.

Industrial expansion ‘still going strong,’ ISA June report shows

The June ISA Economic Indicator Report (EIR) from the Industrial Supply Association showed that manufacturers and distributors experienced continued economic expansion in May.

The ISA Manufacturer Index increased to 66 in May from 58 in April, while the ISA Distributor Index rose to 69.9 in May from 58.5 in April.

For each index, a reading above 50 percent indicates expansion, while a reading below 50% indicates contraction.

"This month's report shows that the expansion that began in July 2016 is still going strong for ISA members,” said Bryon Shafer, general manager of ASG Industrial and chair of ISA’s Strategic Information Committee. “Members expect the current environment to continue into the summer months, as the Anticipated Business Conditions Index and the Anticipated New Orders Index are overwhelmingly positive for distributors and manufacturers.”

For the complete report, click here.

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