Miller Bobcat 260 Efi Remote Start Stop New

Miller Electric releases new remote solutions for engine drives

June 11, 2020
Remote Start/Stop, Remote Output Panel Kit designed to help operators save time, money, reduce exposure to hazards

Miller Electric recently released two new remote solutions for Miller engine drives.

Remote Start/Stop on Bobcat welder/generators, and the Remote Output Panel Kit for Miller engine drives, are designed to help operators save time and money while also reducing exposure to potential jobsite hazards.

“These new remote solutions provide access and control where operators are working on the jobsite— so they can redefine where they work,” says Brian Bellile, Miller’s product manager for engine drives. “This helps improve productivity and efficiency on the jobsite.”

Remote Start/Stop on Bobcat 260 and 225 welder/generators lets operators easily turn the machine on and off remotely, so the machine only runs when needed.

  • Operators can save up to $1,500 in fuel costs per year, get more done with each tank of fuel and extend time between maintenance compared to letting the welder/generator run all day.
  • Turning the machine off also helps eliminate unnecessary noise for a more comfortable jobsite.
  • Designed for field fabrication and MRO, the durable fob uses two-way communication between the remote and the welder/generator, so operators know when the stop and start commands have been received.
  • With eChoke technology now on Bobcat welder/generators, cold starting is quick and hands-free.
  • The Remote Start/Stop fob is not backwards compatible with previous Bobcat welder/generator models.

The Remote Output Panel Kit, compatible with Bobcat, Trailblazer and Big Blue welder/generators, provides access to the auxiliary power and weld output panels at the point of use.

  • Operators in service truck, field and light fabrication, and MRO applications can install the weld output and auxiliary power panels for their welder/generators at the point of use, reducing the need to climb in and out of their trucks.
  • This access saves time and reduces inefficiencies and exposure to potential safety hazards.
  • The Remote Output Panel Kit is backwards compatible with all models of Miller Big Blue, Trailblazer and Bobcat welder/generators.

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