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NTEA releases training module covering vehicle powertrains

Sept. 25, 2019
NTEA recently developed a Truck Equipment 201 module covering commercial vehicle powertrains.

To support employee education and training in the work truck industry, the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) recently developed a Truck Equipment 201 module covering commercial vehicle powertrains.

NTEA said TE201 is intended as a series of online course modules, designed for those with technical knowledge seeking deeper understanding of specific topics outlined in TE101, the introductory course released by NTEA in 2017. The powertrain module, which is the second TE201 course, will help expand understanding of the vehicle powertrain by reviewing horsepower and torque, engine function and alternative propulsion, power and torque transfer by the transmission, and driveline and axle.

“The second TE201 module addresses powertrains, (which are) critical to vehicle movement,” said Susan Dehne, NTEA senior director of technical services. “This course goes in-depth explaining related elements and applications in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format, serving as an effective resource for industry professionals.” 

Module topics include:

  • Overview of powertrain systems
  • How internal combustion engines work
  • Related technologies
  • Alternative fuel and propulsion systems
  • Transmission formats
  • Driveline
  • Axle types and features
  • Important considerations

NTEA launched the first TE201 module in February. It reviews US, Canadian, and European Union certification processes and US/Canadian label requirements, as well as the influence of motor vehicle safety standards.

TE101, the foundational course, covers all aspects of work trucks and the industry. Made up of 15 online modules, TE101 provides insight into systems that make up a truck and basic regulatory requirements applicable to US and Canadian markets. Details available at ntea.com/te101.

There are no course prerequisites, NTEA said. To receive a certificate of completion for the powertrain module, the learner is required to complete a brief quiz following each of the eight sections.

TE101/TE201 courses are available through NTEA’s learning management system, Elevate. After placing the order on Shop NTEA, the learner gains access through ntea.com (members can use current login credentials).

The course is a free benefit to NTEA members and eligible for MVP credit and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through NTEA accreditation by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. Nonmembers can purchase access to each TE201 module for $49. Learn more at ntea.com/te201.