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Austin Hardware & Supply launches new ramp assist

Dec. 9, 2022
The Missouri-based hardware supplier recently debuted their latest trailer ramp application

Safe Assist is a new product designed by Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. that renders heavy trailer ramp doors virtually weightless and eliminates the need for potentially dangerous cables and torsion springs.

Austin Hardware’s new product is a ramp assist that has a standard operating range from 300-900 ft.-lb. of torque, which is equivalent to a 6-ft. tall ramp weighing 300 lb. Even at its maximum operating range, at most, approximately 30 ft.-lb. is required to lift and lower the ramp. Unlike torsion springs, which make opening and closing ramp doors difficult due to the initial force needed, Safe Assist allows for uniform weight distribution throughout the range of motion and can be stopped at any position throughout the opening and closing range.

As well as this, if the ramp door starts to feel too heavy at any point during the product's life, Safe Assist can be easily adjusted. 100% concealed within a lightweight yet heavy-duty extruded aluminum casing, the ramp assist also provides corrosion prevention.

Applicable to a variety of ramp door applications, Safe Assist mitigates the danger of snapping cables, cable-trip risks, and damage to cargo or animals within the trailer due to cable scrapes. The company also stated that Safe Assist reduces vehicle downtime due to ramp door repairs.

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