Powerbrace Inside Release

Powerbrace adds Inside Release

May 8, 2020
New lockrod release ensures easy egress from a refrigerated trailer, truck body if door closes, latches inadvertently

Powerbrace Corporation in Kenosha WI recently introduced a new Inside Release.

The new release allows egress from a refrigerated truck body or trailer in the event that a swing door lockrod becomes inadvertently latched, the company said. The Inside Release fits insulated doors 2-6 inches thick, and is compatible with Powerbrace Reach-and-Gather lockrods.

Beneficial features of the Inside Release include a polymer handle, which has lower thermal conductivity than existing products on the market, and a pre-assembled base plate and handle to ensure proper fit for door thickness. The hasp of the Inside Release also is available in polished or matte-finish stainless steel.

“Make sure to ask for the Inside Release from Powerbrace on the next trailer that you buy,” the company said.

Visit powerbrace.com for more information.