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Optronics’ custom LED lighting features GloLight branding


Optronics International, a supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting, recently introduced what it says is the industry’s first stop, tail, turn lamps with integrated graphics.

The new lamps, available in 4-inch round and 6-inch oval designs, merge brand identities into the lighting design, juxtaposing a smooth GloLight lens appearance against a more traditional LED pattern, Optronics said.

GloLight technology allows the company to consolidate complex graphics into the functional operation of the lamps. The new lamps’ traditional LED-style lens pattern surrounds the logo graphic in the middle of the lamp. The GloLight logo portion of the lamp illuminates when operating in its standard function as a tail lamp, and when the lamp’s turn signal or brake functions are in operation, all portions of the LED lamp brighten.

“This is an industry first and a novel use for our GloLight technology,” said Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International. “Logos and branding have been widely incorporated into conspicuity tape for decades, so the migration to lighting is a logical one.”

Marketing professionals also recognize that the 4-inch round and 6-inch oval lighting formats are among the most noticeable features on any vehicle, Optronics maintained. “Whether you’re consciously aware of it, if you’re driving behind a commercial vehicle, particularly at night, you’re constantly monitoring its tail lights,” Johnson said.

Optronics logo light

Optronics says it employed its 3D printing capabilities in preparing prototypes for manufacturers. The company also worked with a number of OEMs during the development of the lamp, including Vanguard National Trailer Corporation and Miller Industries.

“Over the years, we’ve continued to appreciate Optronics’ innovative approach to vehicle lighting and were among the first trailer manufacturers to make their GloLight part of our standard lighting package,” said Charlie Mudd, president of Vanguard National Trailer Corporation. “Optronics’ technical, creative and pioneering spirit is evident in the design of these new lamps.”

The LED lamps offer users a broad level of creative design flexibility for those responsible for a company’s branding, because the GloLight technology can be used in both red and white, or a combination of both. Lens striations also can be used to achieve unique and complementary visual effects.

“Miller Industries is the world leader in towing and recovery equipment, and our vehicles are recognized around the globe,” said Will Miller, president and co-CEO of Miller Industries. “With the development of its new custom logo stop, tail, turn lamps, Optronics has presented us with another opportunity to further our brand’s recognition and strength.”

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