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Project Tetra

FPT Industrial’s NG engine powering CASE’s Project Tetra

FPT Industrial’s six-cylinder natural gas (NG) engine is powering Project Tetra, the new NG methane-powered wheel loader concept from CASE Construction Equipment.

The new wheel loader concept is the first natural gas construction machine from CASE Construction Equipment and is powered by an NG engine from FPT´s NEF family. The power unit, delivering up to 230 horsepower and torque up to 1,184 Newton meters, features diesel-like performance, the company said, but with a smoother, quieter drive.

It also offers the same reliability and durability, and fuel savings up to 30%. The engine runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), ensuring 15% less CO2 and 99% less particulate matter than its diesel-based counterpart, FPT said.

The NEF engine uses stoichiometric technology, which ensures the correct chemical balance between air and methane in every working condition, delivering clean combustion and low emissions, the company claimed. The technology is enabled by FPT´s proprietary control strategy, specific piston design and multi-point injection.

FPT 6-cylinder NG engine

Optimized combustion improves engine efficiency, leading to running cost savings of 10% to 30% over diesel, FPT maintained. The stable spark-ignited combustion system also reduces vibration and engine noise up to 5 decibels in comparison with conventional diesel engines, representing a 50% reduction in drive-by noise.

The methane-powered wheel loader concept will benefit waste management companies and construction contractors, FPT said, who can gain a competitive advantage against competing companies by offering an improved carbon footprint. The CASE wheel loader can operate in regulated urban or indoor environments without the need for expensive ventilation equipment.

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